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Love, honour, obey, and submit

(while I’m on a roll)

Brides don't submit here

So, this week the lovely Sydney Anglican Diocese came out and said “yup, we’re gonna get women to promise to submit to their husbands when they get married”, and of course, there’s been plenty of outcry ;)

What are my thoughts on this? As someone who will freely admit that she defers to her partner to make big decisions, but refuses to get married, let alone promise to stick with one person for life partly because the law in the country is screwy? And would NEVER swear on a bible because she’d get the giggles and get kicked out of the court?

Well, unfortunately for any good Christian boy who wants to marry me, I don’t see why men should be automatically considered to be the one in charge. We all have our own skills and strengths, and just because you think god thinks you should have the final say cos you’re a guy, well, sorry, that is SO not automatic in my world. Yes, we all have things we’re better at than others. But making decisions for a family doesn’t come naturally to many people, let alone assume the guy can do it because he is a male.

What do you think of ‘obey’ and ‘submit’?



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1 comment for “Love, honour, obey, and submit

  1. August 29, 2012 at 8:36 pm

    Oh my…I thought this whole thing was ridiculous! Submit indeed! Did you see the 7:30 report tonight where they had Peter Jensen (archbishop of Sydney diocese) saying how in recent times, relationships have become more egalitarian and he thinks that’s wrong??!!! Apparently, it was right back in the dark ages when women did their man’s bidding! He also said something along the lines of how it will make men feel better in their roles. Of course it will…anyone who had people ‘submitting’ to them will feel great! Gah!!! I planned on doing a whole post on this myself…irked me no end.

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