No Satisfaction (with a soft toothbrush *sadface*) ~ the little lioness

No Satisfaction (with a soft toothbrush *sadface*)

WTF? More ants this time on NEW toothbrushes
(back-story on the ants)


I went to the dentist for the first time in seven years late last week.

A bunch of time spent cleaning, examining the wear on my teeth and discussing its causes.

Grinding, clenching and chomping in the night (mouth guard recommended).

Acid wear for a number of reasons.

Dry mouth from the medications I’m on.

And over zealous brushing.

Apparently a toothbrush should last me three months.

Mine won’t even make it to three weeks!

So I was handed a soft toothbrush, instructed to make it last three months and to cut back on the obsessive brushing.

It just doesn’t feel right! Meep!

What’s a girl to do?

(in the meantime, I’m having extra hot showers to compensate for my need to FEEL CLEAN)



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