Sushi, Lions, and a spot of pampering

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Massage was complementary, Sushi was a little overpriced, Poms were a little sunburnt


Spent Saturday in Sydney because I’d been booked in to try the new student massage clinic at The Wellbeing Clinic in Pyrmont (attached to the Australian College of Natural Therapies. I won’t start in on their homeopathy subjects today I promise!) :) a massage that was much needed after … Well cos of life etc.


The clinic offers a number of services, including massage, naturopathy, beauty treatments and counselling at reduced rates. The remedial massage I got was worth $40 for the hour, and relaxation massages $20. Counselling sessions are $30 with a student, but their instructors also offer sessions.

The wellbeing clinic

The girl who did my massage certainly had her work cut out, but asked along the way how I was going, and was good to work within my comfort levels around certain things. And she made sure I wasn’t going to fall off the bed in the end when I had to stand up :p

You get to fill out a feedback form at the end which asks about how thorough and attentive the student was to your needs. I rated it all highly, but am wondering how the relaxation massage would go, given you’re in a room where all the massage tables are separated by curtains like in a hospital ward and you can hear everything that’s going on!


The rest of the day was spent dodging Lions fans who were predicting their victory as they took over Darling Harbour!



And eating sushi for lunch. This was from the sushi train at Umi, near the play equipment at Darling Harbour…

(Accidentally got smoked salmon :(


Mmm edamame to finish

Sydney you had gorgeous weather for me! Thanks!



  1. How can you accidentally get smoked salmon? Also, what’s wrong with smoked salmon?

    • It was just on the train and I picked it up

      I’m used to fresh salmon on my sushi so smoked it just odd to me

  2. ooooh, righty. Yeah, I prefer fresh, but smoked is good too. :)

    The avocado, omg, get in my bellay!

    btw, next time we coffee, we should sushi train instead. Steve hates sushi, and I’ve never been to a sushi train.

  3. I had a massage too on the weekend…on Sunday. My first professional massage ever. And oh my god did I need it!!! I’m totally going to attempt to get one every couple of months now. And coincidentally, I was around Darling Harbour on Saturday night… :)

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