From the Backyard – Stewed Rhubarb

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I aspire to have a garden full of fruits and veges and herbs one day, so that I can just head out the back, cook with what’s in season, and eat all the yums…


Until then, I’ll settle for planting things in my parents’ backyard (rosemary!!) and accepting fruit from kind neighbours with excessively fruiting citrus trees ;)


Chop up the rhubarb you stole from your mum’s garden and put it on the stove on medium heat with

– a cinnamon stick (fish this out before serving)
– a few tablespoons of brown sugar to taste
– juice from a lemon that came from your aunty’s neighbour’s tree (or juice from and orange, or a lime or a mandarine or a splash of sweeter wine, or even water)


simmer til it’s all mushy


and serve with ice cream or yoghurt! :)



  1. I’ve missed posts like these. :)

    I think that’s an awesome aspiration. I would kinda like some garden food of some form, but it’s not likely to happen because busy/cbf/Jack Russell.

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