Another pair of cute as glasses from @Firmoo? Don't mind if I do! ~ the little lioness

Another pair of cute as glasses from @Firmoo? Don’t mind if I do!

New funky glasses from @firmoo #gifted

So, the good PR people from Firmoo, this cheap as glasses site, offered me another free pair of glasses… so what else is a girl to say but “YES!”.

This pair you see me sporting is normally $26 with normal lenses (script but not as strong as I need). Generally, the glasses on this site for my blind as a bat script are around $70 complete….. but that’s still a million times (don’t quote me on the maths, four unit was 14 years ago now!) cheaper than my $500 plus glasses here when bought through a retail store (yes, even with cheap ass frames… I have a rather expensive script to fill).

I would honestly recommend giving Firmoo a go for your next, or at least for your spare, pair of glasses. Cute styles, cheap shipping, and perfect for us plebs without extras cover!

What do you think? These glasses are rocking, and I’m sure will help me once my job interviews come through!




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