Lifeline also does ONLINE crisis chat: 8pm-4am #Liptember ~ the little lioness

Lifeline also does ONLINE crisis chat: 8pm-4am #Liptember

Day Two Liptember
Day Two. Lippy Matches the fringing on my blankie. It’s wet out there!!! *snuggles up*

So, we all know that Lifeline has their telephone crisis support line13 11 14 – but did you know they are have an ONLINE crisis chat, which is available from 8pm-4am 7 days a week? (AEST)

There are a few questions they are to make sure that it’s okay for you to go the chat route, and then you have someone to chat to you, and “listen” to you.

Of course, if you are in immediate danger, calling 000 Triple-0 is always the best idea,


Oh and, I’m told I remind Kim more of the Sesame Street Aliens today than a lion..

yip yip yip

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Edit @ 7pm – It is possible the online chat is more helpful for aliens, because, you know, BROING!



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