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Home goodies at Super A-Mart

TOTE TRAYS!!!! at amart
zomg TOTE TRAYS for your home!

I got sent with some gift vouchers to the newly opened Super A-Mart in Warners Bay this week, to pick out a few things to perk up some place in the house… as soon as we walked in and saw the doona covers, we thought “that’s it!” and knew we could definitely brighten up the bedroom for Spring with a replacement for our washed out covers.

Bed and bedspread at amart

I did think that this “Princess” set and “Princess” wooden cutout would be PERFECT for me. But, alas, two problems – it only comes in single (perfect for my niece with her pink obsession – the other day she scored a pink electronic guitar toy from Lifeline for $3, and she was Rockin it), and I was looking for something for a “grown up room”. *sigh* One day I’ll have a spare room which I can decorate in all the girly, Hello Kitty glory I can find.

Princess wooden decor at amart

Bed and bedspread at amart - Eiffel tower

Bruce liked this Eiffel tower quilt cover… because it has a car on it. A Citro├źn 2CV, I’m told. We were also VERY close to buying a new computer desk chair, there was this office chair that would have suited all his gaming needs for $99.95, but he decided to stick with his current (red) chair…. If the one on show was red, I’m sure it would have been bundled into the back of my car straight away!

New mattress protector from amart

What we DID end up spending that office chair money on was a new mattress protector as our old one (a quilted style) had become washed out and lumpy and rather uncomfortable. And it was definitely a need to freshen up ahead of sweaty summer nights. Waterproof backing and machine washable were our two main criteria when we were browsing their range in store. This one, the brand is Orthokinetic same as the brand of mattresses Amart stocks, seemed a but of a splurge, but it looked like it was easy to care for, and didn’t have the potential to go all lumpy like our old one.

Bed and bedspread at amart

And then it was onto choosing some pretties. I liked the look of the silver and black quilt over set above, but the material wasn’t that nice to touch, and I’m a fussy little princess when it comes to bed! We also eyed off some microfibre sheets, but the purple was only in Double *sadface*

CUSHIONS! at amart

Cushions were another option, but I know I’d just end up throwing them on the floor and not using them.

New quilt cover set from amart

And so, we ended up finding two quilt cover sets, both reduced in price to take home to Spring-ify the room.


First was this lovely, leafy and calm doona cover. I liked the embroidered spots, and the reverse faded teal. Amart had some Euro sized covers also to go with the set, but not having the big pillows, we shied away from adding them in.

New Quilt cover set from Amart

We also got this Logan & Mason black set. While not as Spring, it certainly changes the feel of the room to more serious and grown up.


And yes, that is my flying unicorn :p Resting soundly on his new pillowcase.


Do you have different doona covers in spring and summer? I put the black one on the heavy “winter” doona, so that may be where it stays!



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2 comments for “Home goodies at Super A-Mart

  1. October 31, 2014 at 10:26 am

    I love that Logan and Mason one! And can’t wait to get a house big enough for a rumpus room because those tote trays are awesome too.

    • October 31, 2014 at 10:30 am

      ohhhh to have a rumpus room/play room to fit all this in! I’m just after two bedrooms so I can have some more purple that isn’t overshadowed by the red of my partner :p

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