How to: Order Home Delivery Online with Menulog {plus $50 voucher GIVEAWAY}

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So the dear people at Menulog flicked me a voucher so I could try out their online home delivery ordering system. I’ll show you how it works, and if you’re still with me at the end of the post you can enter to win a $50 Menulog food voucher!

So , the restaurants in the Newcastle area are slowly joining up to sites like Menulog, but if you enter your home suburb or postcode, it’s easy to see who you can order home delivery from online, and the extra places who you can order from online (and pay with CC, PayPal or cash when you get there) in the area.

Search for who delivers to your Suburb


Select where you want to order from

(realise that you have two choices, and Thai sounds more appealing in the heat than Indian, so you select Nara Thai and Uncle Raja’s, where you worked all through Uni and hope the food is still as good as 10 years ago! This would also be the restaurants that left me car smelling of various curries, me stained with onion smell for a week after chopping bags and bags of onions, and turned a while car seat cover orange with butter chicken sauce… Nice food though, and certainly not the worst place to work through Uni, given the stories friends tell! Plus, sooooo much pad thai!)


Step 3 – Browse the menu and start adding things to your order/cart


The delivery fee (based on your original suburb search) is already included in the total


There will be a pop-up that asks you when you would like your delivery to arrive


I selected 7pm, however it arrived at 6.15pm… Not great if you were waiting for people to come home for dinner…Or in our case we weren’t that hungry yet!

You then click order – enter your full address, and click through to PayPal (or enter your CC details) to pay the bill!


You get this neat little confirmation SMS (along with email) with the restaurant’s phone number to call direct if there are any issues

SMS confirmation

And look at the yummy food I got!

Nara Pad Thai
Pad Thai – yummy as ever

Nam Tok beef thai salad
(spicy!) Nam Tok Beef Salad – love the flavours in this

Thai salads
(think the Nam Tok needs a chili next to it too!)

Nara Thai fish cakes and Uncle Raja's onion bahjee
Thai Fish Cakes and Indian Onion Bahjee. Because I can. (They clearly had their oil up too hot…)

Win a $50 Menulog food voucher

Okay, so if you’d like to win the $50 Menulog voucher, tell me in the comments a story about where you worked when you were still in school or Uni. Does it still exist? Would you dare set foot in there again?

The winner will be determined by how awesome and funny/terrifying/breaking of all labour laws their comment is as judged by my co-eater Bruce. Entries close at Midnight Monday November 10th, 2014. The voucher expires one month after you win it and is valid for orders in Australia only.

Good Luck!!



  1. I worked for a rather large fast food corperation which I shall not name lest they sue me (you sign confidentiality agreements with these people), but lets just say it wasn’t too far from uni.

    My shift used to start at 12. The store opens for breakfast. They have a hand washing station which you can just knock with your knee and already hot water comes through for hand washing. When I started my shift the water would always be stone cold, because noone had washed their hands yet.

    On my first shift I was taught the process for washing down tables which involved a detergent and then a disinfectant. I got in trouble one day for actually doing this and wasting time. Apparently you only do the full process when the food inspector is in town.

    After all this and workplace harassment, I resigned with a letter threatening to dob them into the health authorities.

  2. Thai restaurant at Uni as a dish washer, I went to class most afternoons covered in satay sauce #Saucy. A year after I left there was a fire in the kitchen and they burned down half the union building.
    3 jobs later, I landed a position working at a coffee shop at the uni library. This coffee shop opened a coffee cart on the other side of campus. I worked 5 days a week at the coffee cart on a casual wage rate which was great. Unfortunately, the coffee cart did not actually have a water supply. Seriously!!! So we had to lug huge jugs of water from a tap 10m away to the cart. I suspect this broke a few health and safety rules, nevertheless the management had sign posted everywhere telling us the “right way” to lift. Unfortunately the water jug was far too heavy to lift in the “right way”. So after a few months of this my back decided, one Monday morning before work, that it wouldn’t put up with this shit any longer and it has been telling me ever since, in a rather excruciating way, that it isn’t willing to put up with most activities. Oh, and I have RSI in my wrists, presumably from pouring too many coffees for long periods of time without a break.

  3. ZOMG THAT PAD THAI LOOKS TO DIE FOR!!! I LOL’s at your choice of 2 restaurants. We had one and it was Indian, but luckily I did mine in winter. It was bloody delicious too!!

  4. I worked at KFC for 2 years… I am now a vegetarian. Enough said?! My boyfriend at the time was a cook for the chicken and I was a counter girl (how romantic right?) and one time he told me to come into the huge cooler room with him. We used to sneak kisses in the cooler room so I thought thats what we were doing. Nope, he showed me a piece of raw chicken that had fallen down the back and been there for a million years. It was DISGUSTING. I ran out and never ate their chicken again. Now I am a vegetarian but I do love myself some KFC chips some times….

    I love Menulog – such a great range and it’s so easy having all the participating restaraunts displayed right there to choose from! YUM THAI.

  5. I had a few jobs when I was at high school/uni. My first job was for the equivalent of Australia Post (in France, because I’m French), I was riding a moped to deliver mail to people!

  6. I was a checkout chick pretty much all through high school and uni – it was great motivation to finish my studies as the thought of being stuck there for the rest of my life was terrifying!

  7. Oooh pad thai is my fave but that beef salad looks great! Menulog will be a great thing to use on those nights when I really can’t be bothered cooking!! Thanks so much for joining our Fabulous Foodie Fridays party!

  8. I used to work at McDonalds, I still to this day, dream that I’m back at work serving fries and burgers, it really made an impact on me!

  9. My first job while still at school was at a supermarket called “Shoeys” which is now known as “Bi-Lo” …I worked on the checkouts before scanners were introduced when everything had price stickers…showing my age now, lol. :)

  10. I worked at Nandos, it really has the best chicken with heaps of flavour and if you don’t like spicy food the lemon and herb flavour is for you.

  11. I worked in a pub in the small town that I lived in for a few months. I actually really liked the job. However one day a guy walked into the bar on a quiet Saturday afternoon…completely covered in blood. I took one look at him and said I’m sorry I can’t serve you. The guy that I was working with asked him a few questions and it turned out the guy had just been in a car accident and needed some liquid courage before he fronted up to the hospital for stitches. The guy I worked with gave him a six pack and sent him on his way. The guy had a massive head wound but the good old country ‘she’ll be right’ won out over safety!

  12. I used to work in a Stationery store and it was a work out when I had to carry reams of paper up and down the stairs!

  13. I worked in a country Pharmacy (part-time) while in school.
    I had a very embarrassing conversation with an octogenarian who was asking for a bottle of Dulax (constipation) Unfortunately I heard the word “Durex” …
    This poor man in his 80’s asking me about different sizes and “would it defo work”and me on a completely different wave length!!!!
    This story did not have a happy ending (no pun intended)

  14. When I was 12 I worked for this charity and the boss would spend about 1.5 hours in the morning driving all over Melbourne to pick up a bunch of workers, then she’d dump us all off in different suburbs and we’d have to go door to door dropping off bags to the residents and plead with them to fill them with clothes. Then about 10 hours later (I’m not exaggerating) she’d pick us up and drive us home. It was horrible because we had to rely on the kindness of the people answering the door to let us in to use their toilets, and those days we didn’t have mobile phones and half the time I didn’t even know what suburb I was in. Looking back, I can’t believe my parents let me do it!

  15. I used to work in an old person’s home and serve them dinner and clean up afterwards, and it was all rather nice, but then my favourite resident died and it traumatised me for life… I never really got over it. I learnt from that that I could never be a nurse or doctor because I didn’t have the heart to deal with the sad stories people in those professions inevitably have to deal with daily.

  16. My first job was at a butcher shop. I used to have to present the meat on trays and package up all the different mince products in bags and fill up the display cases with it. I used to go home with my hair stinking of mince meat and even after I’d shower and soap up I could still smell it on me – to this day I cannot eat mince, makes me sick even just looking at it in the supermarket!

  17. When I was 16 I started working in a hotel as a waitress. I was there for 5 years and only left because I was pregnant with my son. Would I step foot in there again…. well six weeks ago I got my job back there and I could not be happier!

  18. When I was 15 I got a weekend job in a Milk Bar (it’s still there, all these years later) and I had to work 10-hour shifts. It was right next door to a fire house and the firemen would come in and get salad sandwiches from me and it was the highlight of my week to have these blokes come in and ask me to make them an egg salad sandwich! I didn’t realise it at the time because I was a young thing but the sangers I made for them could possibly have given them food poisoning because the egg mayo was kept on the counter ALL day, even throughout summer, as was the ham and chicken loaf and other sandwich-making stuff. I never got complaints but after studying nutrition at uni I became aware of how dangerous that food I made was!!

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