Recent Yums! ~ the little lioness

Recent Yums!

only organic
Ez loved the Only Organic tube foods I brought home from the Bloggers’ Brunch :)

only organic

Two elk cider
Two Elk Cider

cold cocktails
Cold drinks on a hot not yet summer day

frozen coke
$1 Frozen Coke

Getting home delivery the day before pension day via Menulog using money that was in my paypal from blogging gigs.

hans meats
Eating the Hans Oliving cocktail franks coldfrom the fridge, one at a time for snacks.

light and crispy shapes
Light & Crispy Shapes

Shortbreads from Brumby’s

bake in bag fish
Woolie’s marinade bake in the bag fish

fish and chips
With chips.

salmon and lettuce sandwich
Salmon and Lettuce sandwiches on fresh white bread

eating grapes with chopsticks
Ice cold grapes with chop sticks!



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