Jif is awesome, particularly in spray form! (GIVEAWAY)

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Yeah, you know I’m not a domestic goddess.

I’ve always been the cooker and not the dishwasher.

I’ve even been banned from doing my partner’s washing in the past (too many tissues getting through my sorting)

Which is why I like easy things – and this OMO and Jif are certainly easy options!


Jif and OMO cleaning products lighten the load for mums (and the rest of us) dealing with the toughest dirt. With its amazing stain removal first time, OMO helps to remove hassle by taking care of the laundry so that you can get back your precious quality time. Thanks to its advanced Lift-Action formula of the Jif EasyLift Spray range, it quickly softens and detaches dirt requiring less wiping, making it easier to get a streak free shine! Click here for more information.

Got a giveaway of the two products pictured:
· 1 x Jif EasyLift Bathroom 750ml Spray- $6.49
· 1 x Omo Ultimate 1L- $12.99 (reader can select front loader or top loader)

Enter using the Rafflecopter below! Entries close Midnight Dec 9th :)

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  1. Cleaning the bathroom is definitely my most hated chore! And no one else does it! It just sits around until I decide to clean it, ugh

  2. Ooops forgot to mention my most hated chore – that would be vacuuming – I have a shoulder injury and vacuuming gives me weeks of pain. Thank heavens I recently scored a robot vacuum :-)

  3. The base of the toilet = think two 8yrs old and their friends – poor aim and off target.

  4. grrrr cleaning the kitchen floor! Yes it might be considered a great workout but just as I stand to admire the shining clean surface, little feet always come along to mark their territory!

  5. Alex Eleftheriou Reply

    Sweeping, where I live, in about 30 seconds all your work is undone

  6. Scrubbing soap scum from the shower cubicle! It’s like a workout!

  7. I would have to say the Bathroom tiles is the worst chore ever!! such a nightmare to try and keep clean all the time. its never ending.

  8. Cleaning the bathroom after the boys have had had a sleepover….tired boys and “aim” do not go together,.

  9. laura powers Reply

    Doing the floors we have lots of unsealed wooden floor boards while we are renovating keeping them clean is a nightmare

  10. Cleaning the shower. Clean, then use it, and the cloudy soap scum’s back again. Never ending cycle that I loathe.

  11. Wood fire heater, hate scrubbing all the black crap off the glass that refuses to budge. Not to mention collecting the ash out of it, that makes dust everywhere. The heat it gives off is heavenly, but the mess is not for me.

  12. Cleaning the two bathrooms, apparently my back is better than my wife’s and I can get on my hands and knees to the hard parts, shes a shrewd one my wife

  13. My almost totally tiled bathroom (had to have been designed by a madman!) has miles of grouting, I need serious help and Jif and Omo might be just the ones to help!

  14. Rachael Lorenz Reply

    It would have to be in all honesty the laundry. There is so much to it, I mean i know we dont go down to the river anymore and beat the clothes on the stones. But still in QLD the laundry is under the highset QLD homes, so off we trudge under the house… dark and moist and mostly pretty creepy. Do the laundry and then carry it out, hang it up, not much fun in 45 degree weather whilst 9 months pregnant or in fact ever … no one likes hanging up washing.

  15. Karla Oleinikoff Reply

    The ironing, totally detest it. With 6 people in the house, it’s definitely never ending!

  16. Obviously I hate to clean,
    My house says it all,
    ‘Orrible bathroom shouldn’t be seen.

    Just use great products,
    It’s easier then,
    Fine, clean and shiny…cleaning toilets sucks!

  17. Charlotte S Reply

    Scrub, scrub, scrubbing the bathroom grout,
    Trying to make the nasty mould come out…
    Feel like Cinderella, minus the smiles and laughter
    Only Jif could bring me my happily ever after!

  18. Krystal Dee Reply

    Re-washing dishes that come out of the dishwasher. Arghhh.

  19. matt warburton Reply

    cleaning the toilet. no matter how often i clean them they get dirty so bloody quick

  20. I have to pick just one? I don’t like any of them when I’m doing them but the one I most avoid is the ironing…… just writing about it makes my shoulders droop. It has a life of its own & I’m sure it’s out to take over this house!!

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