Pretty Kitty - Pleated Ribbon Collar and Cuffs ~ the little lioness

Pretty Kitty – Pleated Ribbon Collar and Cuffs

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Wore my newish cuffs and collars from Kitten’s Playpen out this weekend.


Above is the sample image from this listing. I don’t have the flower on mine though. The cuffs have black satin ribbon trim rather than the velvet on the collar.

Kittens Playpen

They’re hard to put on yourself though!!!

The shop has quite a long turn around – around a month (plus postage…. which was a couple more weeks by standard mail) – and they really only started working on the collar/caffs for me on the last day of their processing time! So, no rush orders for Xmas…. but if you can plan ahead you get something really purrrty.



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