Dettol for more than your scraped knees! {WIN STUFF}

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My cat is skeptical. He doesn’t like change, and that include when things get cleaned ;)

Dettol products to review

Dettol personal hygiene products have always been a part of my life. As a clumsy child, I’d often have my scraped knees and elbows tended to with cotton wool soaked in “Dettol” (there was only one kind back then!). I have a handy tube of antiseptic cream now that I used on my kitchen accidents (seriously, who let me use graters and peelers and, oh gawd, knives? It’s not safe I tell you!)

There was only one Dettol when I was a kid. Me and the royal family got disinfected with the same stuff ;)

So, I got to try a bunch of lovely scented Dettol products for the home. There was two forms of the surface cleanser – the ready-to-go wipes and the spray bottle. Then there was the body wash, and the handy little hand sanitiser. A combination of citrus for scent, lime for flavour and Dettol for effectiveness.

Cleaning up the kids table

THIS is daunting. Cleaning up the kids’ table with it’s coating of food and art, oh and cat fur. A little bit of elbow grease and the Dettol wipes…


And then it’s clean? Yay!

Filthy dettol wipe after cleaning the kids table with dettol wipes.

The filthy wipe. So much gunk!

To clean

Perhaps this desk, with VAST playing in the background to inspire my cleaning (I then switched to Pendulum, which was more inspiring).


Yes, I can do this!

clean desk

Cleared and clean desk



A beautiful kettle and stove!

Citrus splash

Mum loves the Citrus Splash ProFresh body wash. She tells me it helped clear us a skin infection she had awhile back, while helping her stay “fresh” when she couldn’t use deodorant. Bruce tells me it cuts through his greasy self after a day working on the cars. I like it too – not as strong a citrus scent as I’d like, because too much citrus is never enough, but it’s a really effective cleanser :)

dettol hand sanitiser

Last but not least, there’s the handbag sized hand sanitiser. Admittedly I used much more of this when I was working (children are gross) but should start carrying it around again… Dries quickly, leaves that lovely “alcohol fresh” scent ;)

Giveaway Time!

Would you like to try these four products? I have one set of these to give away. To enter, just let me know one way you might use of of these products. The “best” answer (creative/funny/accurate/pitiful) will get these to try themselves. Australian addresses only. You can enter more than once if you so choose. Entries close Midnight Monday 13th April.



  1. Mary Preston

    The Dettol Wipes would be a life saver – perhaps literally when using a supermarket trolley. Goodness only knows what is on those handles & then to touch the food that we will eat. GROSS!!!

  2. I’d use the Citrus Splash body wash to wake myself up in the shower before the morning school run. It’s more fun than soap and the zesty fragrance would sharpen my mind for the 127 questions my son asks me every morning!

  3. The Citrus Splash ProFresh bodywash sounds amazing. If this bodywash helped to clear up your Mum’s skin infection, I’d love to see if it would prevent my skin becoming infected when my eczema flares up. Itching and bleeding skin is not pretty and not fun!

  4. Tracy Grayson

    I’ve used good old Dettol for years, as did my mum. It’s a staple on my shopping list, but I have not tried any of these awesome Dettol products. I can find a use for every one of these. I can guarantee they’ll be going to a good home.

  5. Dettol handbag sized hand sanitiser is a must especially for those occasions where you are bursting to use the bathroom and the only one available is a nightmare. I had to use a toilet like that on the US side of Niagara Falls many years ago. The stench was so bad that I swear even the flies were holding their breath. The taps were not working and i felt that everything i touched was covered in germs that medical science had most likely never seen or heard of before. Dettol hand sanitiser was used with wild abondon once i exited the bathroom. I wished that there had been a Dettol nasal spray.

  6. Tracy Grayson

    I was wondering if the winner has been chosen yet?

  7. aaww dang….I missed it and even scrolling back through posts I have been unable to find it…sometimes im sure facebook hides posts…ggrr

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