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Singapore Continues to Become the Family Vacation Destination in South East Asia

With a lively, exotic, and mercantile history, Singapore has risen from the ashes of 20th century world conflict to become a global economic center- as well as one of the safest, cleanest, and most family-friendly destinations in Asia.

In many ways the recently deceased President Yew, who was the first President in Singapore’s history, helped usher in the changes that made corporate giants want to invest there and families want to come and visit. One of the most lasting things that was instituted under his government was a large number of rules and regulations governing daily life. Under that system, everything from not flushing the public toilet to queuing wrong for the taxi line could be the source of a ticket from the police. Although it was thought that it would detract from tourist visits, the strict set of rules has actually become a feature of tourists visiting Singapore, with many people snapping pictures and making videos of regulations that they do not have in their own countries

Enjoy The Urban Outdoors Year-Round
Given its close proximity to the Equator, Singapore is very tropical and verdant, making the wide avenues, many parks, and multiple shopping areas popular from dawn until late in the evening. One Singapore tradition that is fun for families to explore is at Hawker Centre, or a food court that showcases many different types of food from around Asia. As the sun goes down, you can enjoy dinner and the slight temperature drop as the stars begin to come out.

Get Lodging Fit for a Family of Kings
Part of the allure of Singapore is its reputation for providing the best customer service possible. You will likely notice right away how knowledgeable and courteous workers are. When you blend this great customer experience tradition with some of the most modern and sophisticated hotels in Asia, you will have a trip worth remembering. Of course your search for Singapore hotels should really start on an expert travel site like Hipmunk because when it comes to hotels, they are often able to showcase room deals that provide prices that are lower than normal in the cities that they focus on. Most hotels feature a pool. If you are bringing a family, regardless of your budget, try and ensure that you do get a hotel that does have a pool so that you can enjoy cooling off naturally during the heat of the day outdoors.

Explore the Zoo and Malaysia
The Singapore Zoo is one of the most complete collections of animals anywhere in the world. For families, there are a variety of shows that will amuse and amaze you. Their elephant trainers are able to coax very intelligent behavior from the elephants that make up the cast of their show. Eating breakfast at a table full of orangutans is another experience that none of your family will ever forget. Best of all, the zoo, like other Singapore attractions and parks are very affordable, allowing you to save money for eating out and shopping. Malaysia and more shopping are just minutes away as well across a narrow strait that make it the perfect day trip.

If you are considering taking a trip to Singapore, you are in the company of many that have found inspiration from its storied hotels, parks, and tea houses. From Somerset Maugham to Ian Fleming of James Bond fame, people have found that the city provides one of the most exciting, yet safest trips possible.

This article was written and provided by Fiona Moriarty of Hipmunk, the ultimate platform for all your travel needs.



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