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Unpaid and/or Volunteer work

So I’m now a “disabled” job seeker.

Which means a few things.

I get a pension card.

I get to be in a Disability Employment Service

I get to be listened to when I say that I have all these skills to support kids with Autism but my mental illness gets in the way and I would really like help to get back on track and into a job where I can use my skills but not stress the fuck out.


I think I’m gonna get there

but I’m gonna have to allow myself to take steps.

Like volunteer work at a school, +/- ASD kids

Working my way up.

Because, as my employment consultant says, I’m “A very nervous girl”.

With skills, talents, intellect.

But many many fears



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1 comment for “Unpaid and/or Volunteer work

  1. May 13, 2015 at 1:33 pm

    Good on you!!! Nothing better than working with kids- so rewarding!!!

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