Your Air-fryer Questions Answered

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Philips Airfryer fish and Chips

I get soooo many referrals from people seeking information about the Air Fryer that I reviewed a few years back. I still love the machine, and would like to answer some of your questions!

So I thought that I might bow to the almighty Google gods and answer Schle’s questions…

(I have edited some questions to make sense, because, you know, people on the internets can be dumb)

  • Can I put baking paper in my air fryer?
    Totally. You can also but aluminium foil in. I wouldn’t do plastic though, because it will melt and give your meat a plastic sauce that you probably won’t like the texture of
  • How do chips/fries go?
    Awesomely! seriously, slice some potoatoes small enough and chuck them in for 20 mins and you have great chips, and the pre-cut ones are even better! test out your own fryer to determine the best time for your chips (brands of fryers and potato types vary) but go for it!
  • How to clean philips airfryer
    Okay, so it’s super easy if you have a dishwasher, because the basket can just go into the top shelf and will be fine while you wipe the gunk out of the bottom with a not too scratchy scourer sponge, hot water and some Morning Fresh. If you don’t have the dishwasher the wire basket is a little bit of a bitch to clean, but soaking, and the light scourer are your friends.
  • do air fryers work/air fryer how it works
    So, in my laymans terms, an air fryer is a super concentrated fan-forced oven. There’s less space to heat up, so it is way quicker to heat the air with its hot air blowing fans, and the air can’t escape through dodgy seals and keeps bouncing around and hitting your food. This cooks it faster than a normal oven.
  • Philips airfryer electricity consumption, airfryer vs oven
    Unfortunately, a Choice test reckon’s it’s power use isn’t all that great

So, do you have an Airfryer? Or any questions?



  1. Karla Oleinikoff

    I don’t have an air fryer, but gees, I want one now!

  2. Fiona

    There’s a number of brands out there now that work pretty much the same

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