Back to School Fairness in Religion Sticker Giveaway!

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Special Religious Instruction Sticker

Flash giveaway time!

Most NSW kids are back to school today and may or may not have opted in or out of “Special Religious Education” aka “Scripture” this term. You probably know where I stand on that, keep it out of the schools and stop splitting kids up based on their family’s religion or lack thereof!

You too can wear that view proud with a Fairness in Religion in Schools (FIRIS) bumper sticker like this beauty that now complements my tongue in cheek application of a Kevin 07 sticker on the left hand side.

Kevin 07 Sticker

To win? Just comment here that you want one and let me know if you did scripture at school or if your kids do it. I’m all for debate around the subject. Then indicate your entry in the Gleam widget. I have one spare and am happy to post anywhere in the world. You can get an extra entry in a few ways. Spread the love xxx Closes on Sunday, 10am, in time for Sunday School.

Fairness In Religion in Schools Bumper Sticker

Hello Kitty Inside sticker

Mwah! Isn’t the kitty one on my petrol cap cool? Ebay is your friend!

Hello kitty car sticker


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