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Mental Health Day / #mentalas / “Awareness”


I know many people are past the point of mental health “awareness” and just want something to be done.

Personally, I watch docos like the ones that have been on the ABC this week out of personal (as a patient) and professional (as someone who work/ed/s in the field on mental health and disability) curiousity and interest. Rather than as inspiration porn or freakshows.

Last year I learned more about modern electroshock therapy, and how it’s not the barbaric practice it used to be.

This year, I only watch the comedy show #crackup at the end of Mental As.

I did like these songs:

Because well intentioned advice can be so meaningless, or at worst harmful.

Cos hitting rock bottom can help.

I laughed, and had some fun.

Apparently up to 14% of the pop have or have had personality disorders (Like Borderline or Antisocial or Avoident PD), however they didn’t rate a mention (depression, anxiety, bipolar and schizophrenia are the go at the moment). Post-natal depression is also an area I’m used to hearing about that didn’t get a peep tonight. Nor eating disorders!



They speak to me.

ETA: THIS is on the BPD program in Newcastle:!

And my dear Kylie telling her story!



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