The Stars Align for a Prawn Caesar Salad ~ the little lioness

The Stars Align for a Prawn Caesar Salad

How, you might ask, does this cynic form the belief that one day she was just simply MEANT to have prawn Caesar salad for dinner?

One. A PR Company send you Cardini’s Caesar Dressing.

Cardinis caesar dressing

You get let out from your job search appointment early because they think you’re awesome for getting and interview, and Steel Street Seafoods have an actual GLUT of prawns (seriously, they ordered 300kg when they really only meant to order 150) and so have them tempting you as you wander to the supermarket.

Prawns and crabs at steel street fish market

And so you complete the picture with croutons, anchovies bacon and lettuce.

Prawn Caesar Salad

Next time I get fresh prawns, so it’s less salty.



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