Mmm Mussels! ~ the little lioness

Mmm Mussels!

I’d bought a whole bunch of tomatoes, planning to semi-dry them in the food dehydrator that I’d been sent to review but failed, so I went old school, and roast them at 100 degrees forever in the oven with lashings of olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

roast dry tomatoes

Not sure what to do with them, I acquired some rocket and bocconcini and made an arrangement…

tomato bocconcini rocket salad

I’d been itching to boil/steam up some mussels, and not being able to get a yes while shopping with Bruce, I just brought them home one day and set to work making the ultra simple boiled mussels you see below.



A quick look online, and I made a broth of:
Chicken Stock
Thyme, Basil and Chives FROM MY GARDEN!
Chardy and lemon juice
With a splash of olive oil.

Brought it to the boil and then simmered til these beauties were escaping from their shells…


We ate them and the salad in front of some Hannibal.




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