I have a job where.... ~ the little lioness

I have a job where….

I get to drive around the city and country with people.

I get to share in people’s interests.

I get to take my model train set in to one house so it’s actually used and it will make one of the guys really happy.

I get to “create” dinners from what I can find in the fridge when the shopping hasn’t been done. Last night I made a FREAKIN’ AWESOME fritata that everyone loved.

I get to use my speechie skills around communicating with people who are a little difficult to understand, along with using my knowledge around mealtime support.

(That didn’t get me out of the Nutrition and Swallowing training though!)

There are trickier things, like showering people, making sure I get meds right, working with behaviours of concern, doing shiftwork, and trying to do sleepovers and maybe sleep.

But it’s totally rewarding. I love where I am right now.

Blow up the pokies...



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