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The Book of Uninspiring Quotes

The Book of Uninspiring Quotes parodies the idea that we can ever reach total satisfaction in life, using ironic stock photos to demonstrate the pointlessness of positive affirmation. Leunig’s collation of uninspiring quotes encourages suffering at the hands of our miserable existence. It is a morose but humorous look at the darker side of life.

the book of uninspiring quotes

About the Author

On a bad day: Sunny was born to two disappointed parents, was an average student, always finished fourth in high school sports and currently lives alone in Melbourne.

On a good day: Sunny is a successful musician, film director, composer and TV presenter and also the son of Michael Leunig, one of Australia’s most famous artists. He has written and directed music videos for some of biggest names in Australian music including Paul Kelly and Courtney Barnett; composed and performed music for feature-length films including In Bob We Trust, a documentary about Father Bob Maguire; is guitarist for the popular alt-rock band Jimmy Tait and composer for The Wintership Quartet.

Where do the Rabbits Go? (Excerpts) from Sunny Leunig on Vimeo.

Available to pre-order now, and out May 1st:
‘This book will change your life … for the f@#king worse’ – Samuel Johnson

‘I used to wake in the morning and put my pants on one leg at a time with hope and belief. Now I lay around pantless with belief only in home deliveries and twist top bottles. Damn you Leunig. My hope has drained away.’
– Tim Rogers (You Am I)

Do you ever feel like those inspirational posters are just going to make you vomit? Or that those pretty daisies in the picture remind you of your hayfever? Does the touch of a baby’s skin make your testicles shrivel up in fear?

the book of uninspiring quotes

Then maybe these less-than-inspiring quotes, stock photos and colouring pages (yes! colouring pages!) are for you!

the book of uninspiring quotes

Yeah, you could buy your ex or your mother-in-law a copy of the book, or you could win a copy from me by commenting below something extremely mundane and not motivating about your week.

I’ll pick the “winner” (yes in inverted commas) after May 17th Aussie time based on general mundanes-ness, or creativity and humour. Something like that.
Comment as many times as you like, it’ll make my life a tad more interesting for a week.
Aussie addresses only please xx.

buy the book from The Book Depository, free delivery



  1. Bahaha. Sounds depressingly hilarious.
    Something mundane about my week? I washed my hair this morning. My kids came screaming into the bathroom. “He hit me!” “She hit me first!” This sounds like the beginning of a thrilling tale with a twist-that-makes-life-worth-living ending, but no. I could say this pretty much every morning. Le sigh.

  2. Burned my finger at work. Was made to file incident report. Got a phone call the next day from the workplace health and safety people. “How’s your finger?” “Okay, thanks.” “Anything we can do?” “Erm…no?” Mundane day for them, eh?

  3. Term 2 starts on Monday so it’s back to school for my son. I guess I’ll get back into the school routine and get heaps done. Yay.

  4. Haha! Something mundane? Oh gosh…making the same school lunch EVERY frickin’ day? Vegemite sandwiches with carrot and cucumber sticks and a box of sultanas. I could do it with my eyes closed. Oh wait. I usually do…

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