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My Latest Specs

Oh look at me being impressed that I have to vote on the rights of myself, friends, loved ones, and random strangers. Fuck the plebiscite.

New season, new glasses, right? offered me a new pair of prescription glasses to welcome Spring, and of course I accepted. And guess what? They’re not purple!!


That’s right, I went for these grey ones, with a little silver sparkle to them :) As always, I’m impressed with the quality of the product, the accurate script and of course, even if I HAD paid for them, the price. I can get eyeglasses online for around $50, when it used to cost me upwards of $500 even with cheap frames at the local optometrist due to my coke-bottle grade prescription!


Get 50% off your next pair of specs with with the code GSHOT50. That could mean you get glasses frames with prescription lenses delivered to your door for a tenth of the cost of getting them retail in Australia!




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