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Keeping Your Clutter Nutters Under Control

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As a parent, you have a very difficult balance to maintain. When your children are young, you will have to do a lot of them, constantly tidying and cleaning in their path. Of course, you expect this when they are young, as they won’t be able to clear up after themselves. As the get older, though, this should be a job they handle on their own. To help you out with this, this post will be going through some of the ways to instill a good attitude towards a tidy room in your children.

Making A Routine

The very first part of this journey will involve some habit and routine building. At first, this will have to be done using a rota or timetable to make sure everyone is working as they are supposed to be and doing their share of the job. As time goes on, you will be able to teach your child how to make cleaning up after themselves into a job they enjoy. Even adults will often struggle to keep their space tidy without the right sort of habits. Working with your kids like this can be a great way to make their living in the future easier, as these skills will stay with them.

Adding Some Fun

Of course, when it comes to children, there are loads of ways to promote the right sort of behaviour and attitude. In most cases, though, the best option you have will be adding some fun to their chores. Making tidying into a game is a good start, and this can be enhanced with the right labeling and storage methods. If you have a couple of children, fostering a bit of healthy competition can be a great way to let them motivate each other. Along with this, though, you will have to be careful that it doesn’t get out of hand.

Proper Storage

Making your child’s tidying experience a little bit easier is another great way to keep their clutter under control. The correct storage methods will help with this in huge ways, giving your kid the chance to keep their space tidy with minimal effort. Websites like can help you to find specialiest containers for loads of different parts of your kid’s room. Of course, though, having a lot of storage can also make it easier to hide mess.


Finally, it’s time to think about fun for a little bit longer, along with the aspects which make something fun. In most cases, achieving a goal is fun because you get something out of it, giving you satisfaction. Thankfully, kids are easy to please, and a simple candy bar could be enough to keep them tidying. By doing this weekly, you can create a routine which they will begin to think about more and more.

Hopefully, this post will give you all of the tools you need to start taking control over the clutter in your home. As time goes on, less and less of this work should be yours to deal with. As your children grow, they will have to take some responsibility, or they will never learn to keep themselves in good shape. Of course, though, it will be easy once you have the right methods to use.



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