The Power Of Organizing Your Home Space Effectively

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The power of organizing and decluttering your home space effectively is not something to be sniffed at. It has a wide array of practical uses and developments, and for solid reasons. It’s important to understand why, however. This article will not be a primer on Feng Shui or associated ideas, but a nuts and bolts guide to help you ascertain how the implements in your home space affect how you view certain rooms, and ultimately how happy you are in them.

Certain rooms have different requirements, which is why we’re going to split them all and describe them piece by piece in an ideal form. Of course, some of the advice here will not be possible depending on the layout and size of your home space, but some of the advice will potentially help you double the space and give you the new, fresh home filled with vitality you have been looking for.


Let’s start with the most important room of the home. People often say that the kitchen is the heart of the home, and this is largely due to the fact it sustains your entire family and brings everyone together for food. Some of you might be lucky enough to have a separate dining area and kitchen. This advice should span people with and without that.

To begin with, you need to ensure that your kitchen is well ventilated. This allows for any cooking smells and smoke to dissipate quickly and not linger, penetrating the walls or fabrics. A great dispersal fan can be installed to help you achieve this. If not, a window which allows itself to be opened above the installation of your sink installation can work wonders also. Also, it’s worth allowing for a great degree of walking space. Consider custom kitchen cabinets and countertops surface areas you truly need, and try to design around that.  Your refrigerator is also something that needs assessing. Too large and underused, and it could be imposing on your space as well as draining your energy bill. You might find yourself in possession of one of these if you move into a home that previously kept more family members than yourself.

Consider the noise of a kitchen also. Microwaves, kettles, ovens and all of those implements can be quite noisy when heated, as can the buzz of a refrigerator attempting to keep its cooling factor. You might find that these implements are better spaced apart, which also affords a healthier distribution of power outlet, preventing sparks or the power being tripped. It also is worthwhile to ensure that no water is in any way close to any plug sockets, and that them meeting is very unlikely. Also, ensure that the decors of your kitchen is something worthwhile. Try celebrating your family here, by putting up family art, pictures of your most cherished moments, and organizing the table in ways that allow all members to converse at dinner time. This helps everyone feel part of the narrative of the family, and generally makes for a more pleasant atmosphere.


The bedroom is the place we retire to every night, share our most intimate moments and generally recharge our batteries for another day of work and love. It pays to get this right. First of all, your bed is the main fixture here, not the television or computer you might have there. Be sure to make it front and centre, taking up the most space, ideally with the headboard against a wall and room on either side. However, it’s perfectly acceptable to place this in a corner if you need to.

Next, consider how the light enters the room. You hardly want to be rudely awoken each morning with a blinding light from the sunrise, or the draught blowing in and make the hairs of your neck stand up on end. For this reason, having a greater degree of control around your window fitting is advisable, such as installing custom window shutters from the get-go. Also, consider how the light plays in your room. A nice bedside lamp that only lights your side of the bed can be great if you enjoy reading and your partner enjoys sleeping above all else. Assess the color palette also. While dark colors might seem the most conducive to sleeping well, it can be better to opt for light variants of darker colors, such as a shade of blue.

Be sure to have positive artwork of variety here also. It might be putting up a painting you truly enjoy and that inspires you, or a little positive message that helps you get in the right mindset every morning. Also, this isn’t a home decors tip, but a nice pair of slippers can warm your feet in the morning and make getting out of bed for work that little bit easier.


The bathroom is one of the most private areas of the home, but that doesn’t mean it deserves any less consideration. Usually, this space is just you and the room, meaning that you’ll notice any imperfections with great accuracy than you might have thought previously. This is important to get right, because grooming yourself in the morning is better carried when you enjoy the organization of the room you’re in. First of all, make sure none of your many medical and grooming implements are simply haphazardly placed around the sink area. Categorize them based on family members, and shelter them in a cupboard or a shelf. You might also choose to place a waterproof carpet down to help water dry and stop the slip hazard of your room.

A nice tiled pattern can signify uniformity, pattern and regularity, perfect attitudes to keep when making yourself look professional in the morning. Also, don’t be afraid of artwork. A nice message to ponder can be wonderful when it’s just you and the room. Also, be sure to clean this room efficiently. A dirty bathroom is the quickest way to letting organization slip in all other areas of your home also. Two or three times a week should be enough depending on how many family members you have.

With these organizational tips, your home is sure to be in stellar condition, wooing family members and friends alike.

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