Moving Miseries You Will Want To Avoid

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There is no hiding from the fact that moving home is not the most easiest thing in the world to do. It is stressful to buy and sell a property, but it can be just as bad when you actually move from one place to the next. There are physical aspects of it as well as the emotional upheaval, and if you don’t prepare, then you are in for moving misery. But don’t worry. I thought I would share with you some of the essential tips to help ensure that your move goes as smoothly as possible.

Consider a removal company to do all the hard work

Moving is not easy. With the heavy lifting and careful manoeuvring of furniture through doors often you may find that you are a little out of your depth. So you may want to consider a moving company like Chess Moving to help you get to your new place. Sometimes removal companies can even do the packing for you, taking every ounce of the stress away. But if you prefer to do your own organising then just allowing someone else to do the heavy lifting could make the moving process much easier.

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Pack for your new place not your old

Moving might mean that you have gone for a different style home. Or it may also mean that you have a little more space. In some cases it could even be a down size of a property. So it is important for you to pack for your new home and not your old one. Consider where you want things to go in your new place and label the box for the right room to make it easier to unpack.

Have an emergency box ready for the first 24 hours

That first 24 hours will be busy, and you will certainly feel like you are living amongst a sea of boxes. So it is essential to have one box that is going to carry all of the things you will need for that first day. To save you from rummaging searching for different things late at night. It might include pyjamas, a change of clothes, a kettle and a few cups. It could even include some essential food and drink items to keep you going.

Keep children occupied

It is also important for you to keep your children occupied during the moving process. Lugging boxes around isn’t going to be their idea of fun. Keep tablets charged, arm yourself with plenty of snacks, and even consider asking friends or family to watch them for a while to give them a change of scenery. You tend to focus on getting the children’s rooms sorted first, so having them off your hands for a while could help you get more organised.

Try and enjoy the moment

Finally, it may seem tough now, but try and enjoy the moment. Moving is an upheaval and stressful time, but remember why you are doing it and the new memories you are going to make. It may seem quite a sad moment to leave your old place behind, but the adventure is just beginning somewhere new.

I hope these tips helps you if you are about to move home.


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