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Isn’t It Time You Started Living Life Like A Grown-Up?

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It doesn’t matter how old you are – you might be any age between 18 and 30 (or beyond) – there has to be a time when you start living like a grown-up, even if you have to fake it till you make it. Many of us don’t feel like an adult at all – we still have that small child inside of us protesting about adult responsibilities – but there has to be a time when we put away those Peter Pan tendencies.

Now, don’t get us wrong. There is nothing wrong with acting your shoe size rather than your age once in a while. You can still have fun and still be an adult, without getting bogged down with too many grown-up concerns, but you do need to take some responsibility for your life. Living life as a grown-up will help you to stand on your own two feet, without the bank or fallback options of your mom and dad. Living life as a grown-up will benefit your future, so you might need to put some of your childish ways behind you. You don’t have to follow other people’s expectations of you, but you do need to be adult about the way you deal with life.

When living life as a grown-up, these are some of the things you might consider doing (if you haven’t already).

Consider buying a house. You can’t live with your parents forever. If you are an adult, and still under their roof, it might be time to leave the nest. And if you are still renting a place way past 35, know that you are ultimately wasting your money. Get a first-time buyer loan with a company such as VieFinancial, and get your first step on the property ladder. While you will have a mortgage to pay, at least you have a chance of paying it off without paying a landlord forever. Your own home is an investment that is yours to do what you want with, and that is one of the reasons why you should consider this grown-up step (if you haven’t already).

Start saving your money. Put aside those days of frivolous spending. When you were younger, you probably splashed your cash on every latest fashion that hit the stores. You may have thought nothing about spending your money on a weekend away with your mates. Especially when you lived at home with your parents, you might have had oodles of free money to spend, without pesky rent or bills to pay. But as a grown-up, you need to take care of your money. You won’t always have people to fall back on when you need a financial boost. Whether you live in rented or bought accommodation, there will still be those emergency situations that require savings. And there is your long-term future to think of too! For those luxury items you are desperate to own, and for your life post-retirement, having money set aside will give you what you need. In short, stop wasting your cash on things that don’t matter, and take on the grown-up responsibility of saving your money.

Be house proud. What we are trying to say, in as nice a way as possible, is this. Don’t be a slob! When you were younger, your parents probably cleaned up after you. Like magical housework fairies, your laundry was washed and put away, your dirty dishes were dealt with accordingly, and the house was arranged in a neat and tidy fashion. Should you now live alone, you might still be living as if somebody else will do your housework for you. Unless you have hired a cleaner, they won’t! Be responsible, and we say this even if you live with a house proud partner. Get on top of the housework, wash your dirty linen regularly, and treat your home like a palace rather than a place to scatter your goods about. As we have said before on this site, cleaning your home can transform your life, but above everything else, it is part of your duty as a grown-up!

Go to bed at a decent time. We don’t care how old you are; there is still reason to go to bed at a decent hour. Late nights partying or watching Netflix will catch up with you in the end. By hitting the pillow long past a sensible time, you will ruin your sleeping pattern, you will feel tired when you are at work, and you will ultimately hurt your health. Sure, you could get away with a few late nights when you were younger, especially if you had nothing to get up for the next day, but as an adult, this is a terrible habit to get into. Even if you don’t have a job to get up for, you should still get up at a reasonable hour and do something with your day, rather than wasting it with an extra hour or five in bed!

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Learn how to cook something healthy. When you were younger, your parents probably prepared every meal for you. Whether you liked the food you were given or not, you still had the luxury of something to eat that (we assume) was reasonably healthy. They probably advised you on what not to eat as well, such as warning you about all the candy you were scoffing between meals. After freeing yourself from their rules, demands, and free dinners, you may have fallen into bad habits. Without their nuisance reminders, you might be eating as many chocolate bars as you want throughout the day. You might be filling your shopping cart with foods that are bad for you. And you might be missing certain meals (such as your breakfast) altogether because you just can’t be bothered to prepare something for yourself. We are assuming all of these things, but if you have fallen into this habits, it’s time to be responsible. The grown-up thing to do is eat healthily, and that includes learning how to cook something that is good for you. You will be less reliant on unhealthy snacks and takeaway foods if you do, and you will save money to boot!

Isn’t it time you started living life as a grown-up? If anything has struck a nerve with you in this article, then yes you do! You can still have fun, and you can still be young at heart, but put into practice those things that will better your health and your future. In short, start living like a grown- up!



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  2. It is a wake up call indeed. True, you can still have fun even if you’re already a grown up, you just need to prioritize things that are important.

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