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When You Shouldn’t DIY

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We often like the idea of tending to issues within the home ourselves, on a do-it-yourself basis, as this tends to save a lot of money and provide an instant solution to an issue, rather than having to wait for someone to come out… but, unless you know what you’re doing, attempting to do it yourself could lead to a worsening of the problem – resulting in you spending more money than if you had called out a professional in the first place.

This is particularly useful advice for people that work from home, as it can be very easy to get distracted with such tasks – and end up not being productive with the work you need to get done.

In that vein, there are a number of issues you might want to consider getting the professionals in rather than attempting to go it alone and do it yourself:

Water leaks can be devastating to your property, and in particular, your belongings. There’s often an urgent need to resolve these matters and that’s where companies like MLP Emergency Plumbers come into play.

The challenge when it comes to plumbing is that a lot of the pipes within your house are hidden, and therefore, it’s not easy to visually inspect the issue. The problem is often found underneath the floorboards or in pipes that run underground; meaning, you need specialist equipment that you’re unlikely to have access to.

For this reason, if you do have a leak, you want to call a plumber that provides a specific water leak detection service, as it is somewhat of a specialist area.

If you have a serious problem with snakes then it might be time to contact a specialist company to offer some guidance and specific solutions to deter the snakes from coming into your property. The issue here, is an obvious one, but sometimes it feels like there’s little you can do to deter snakes from entering your property or loitering in your garden. This is where it’s helpful to get specialist advice on the matter.

If you have a problem with rodents coming into your house then you’ll want to contact a specialist company that can resolve this issue as quickly and humanely as possible. Of course, there are a number of products you can purchase in local DIY centres, but professional companies have access to stronger and more effective remedies than those that are sold to the public – plus, they’ll take care of the grim task of removing dead rats (often, found in a state where their stomach has exploded due to the poison) so not a job you particularly want to undertake yourself.

If you’re waking up at night to hear scratching on the inside of your walls, there’s a good chance there is a rat, or a little rat family, in between your walls – scurrying from its nest to a source of food (often your kitchen). Of course, a natural remedy is to employ a cat to patrol the corridors and deter these rodent intruders.

This is a very acute issue that happens when the ground under or around your house sinks lower, or collapses – meaning it often affects the foundations of your house, which is a critically important issue to the point of it being a home emergency.

That said, this issue doesn’t have to be as acute as a sinkhole forming. Indeed, many times subsidence in a hidden issue that puts strain on all of your home’s supporting structures over time, meaning eventually cracks will appear, which might not seem too alarming – but if you notice these or any of the more obvious signs you need to take action.

Sometimes, the resolution can be as simple as digging up hidden roots from nearby trees – but it’s imperative you take action on this, rather than leave it for tomorrow.

The wiring of electrics tends to be pretty simple, but if you get it wrong, it could have deadly consequences in terms of electrocution and could also cause a fire within your home, destroying everything. For this reason, it’s always best to contact a professional that knows what they are doing.

This is particularly pertinent when it comes to electrical issues with your swimming pool; as the combination of water and electricity is deadly, particularly when you consider the fact people, including children, will be basking in these waters – the last thing you want is dodgy wiring as this could lead to a complete disaster.

In summary, of course there’s a time for DIY but there’s also a time to outsource things to the professionals; as this can be cheaper in the long run and will certainly provide more certainty in the sense of things being sorted.


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