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Tips for Writing a Research Paper on Adoption


Adoption itself is not the easy matter to write on, because it is not only a technical but ethical issue, and it should always be taken into account. Here, we want to present you with some practical tips on how to write a quality research paper on adoption for you Law or Social Studies class.

Elaborate On Its Legal Side
Adoption is such a legal act, by virtue of which personal and property relations that exist between parents and children are established between the adopted child and the person or persons who adopted him for upbringing. Such family law relations, complicated by the presence of a foreign element, are governed by the rules of private international law, which establishes the legal connection of this relationship with the rule of law of several states. If the adopter and the adoptees are citizens of different states or if the adoption must take place abroad and is carried out in accordance with the laws of a foreign state, the concept of “international” or “foreign” adoption is applied. According to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, “States parties that recognize and / or allow the existence of an adoption system ensure that the best interests of the child are taken into account as a matter of priority”

Write About the Prerequisites
The decline in the birth rate in Western Europe and the United States and a number of other factors, primarily related to the deteriorating economic situation in the countries of South-East Asia, resulted in the spread of international adoption in the late 20th and early 21st centuries. Adoption within the country gets more popular now because of “social orphans” — those who officially have alive parents but they were denied of their rights, for the variety of reasons.

Bring Risks Into the Light

  • Parents lack competencies. Lack of parental upbringing competencies, to put it simply – lack of understanding why the child behaves in one way or another and how to respond to it. For example, a child has ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. While he is small, his parents think that they are coping, but when he goes to school and “walks over the ceiling there,” social pressure is added. Teachers blame adoptive parents for poorly raising a child, and they sincerely do not know what to do with it.
  • Age crisis of the adopted child. It is always difficult with teenagers, even if everything is normal with love and affection. This is a time when it should even be difficult for them: a young man is formed through protest, this is a “separation”, the separation of children from their parents. If the adolescent crisis is blurred, it means that it will “catch up” with a person in 30 years. The crisis may seem unbearable, but the more intense it is, the shorter it is if it can comfort adoptive parents.
  • The structure of the family is changed. A change in family structure — a divorce, the death of a family member, the appearance of a new child — stress for any family, including one without adopted children. The entire system of relationships gets redesigned.It happens that a spouse can understand that he does not cope with a foster child after the death of the second half, or the child himself will begin to react to stress as if he is dreaming to be in an orphanage.
  • Unjustified expectations. Perhaps, it is obvious: if the child is adopted, because parents are experiencing grief for the deceased, or imposing some hopes on him (not necessarily huge, the child is not obliged to justify any) – this is a risky situation. Specialists of the schools of adoptive parents and guardianship, according to the plan, should recognize such situations “at the entrance”, but this is not always the case.
  • Parents with strong inner trauma. It is important that the helpers recognize the parental injury in time and, with the threat of returning to the orphanage, work not so much with the child as with the adults.

It is not the exhaustive list of risks related to adoption but if you use them as a source for your research paper, you can come up with a stellar final draft. If you don’t have enough time to deal with every chapter of your research paper, or you need your idea to be unveiled and realized by an expert, you can address a professional writing service which will process your request to pay someone to write my research paper for me immediately.



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