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4 Wardrobe Essential Hats and Caps for Kids

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Hats and caps are back in fashion. There are a ton of different hat and cap types, so selecting the best type is quite a challenge, especially for moms with growing kids. It is usually to choose hats and caps based on the design, but the best design does not translate to the most practical design. It is a smarter idea to have a somewhat clue about the different types, so that next time you go out for shopping, you do not end up wasting your money on something that your child will not be able to wear in the long run.

Hat vs. Caps
People often get confused between hats and caps because they are used interchangeably. Although there is only a minor difference between the two, hats are a fashionable headgear that is usually has a crown shape with a narrow or a broad brim. A Cap is a special kind of hat; they do not have a brim and typically have a long or a short visor. Caps are usually worn with casual attires, whereas hats are more grand and formal. Hats and caps are a favorite fashion accessory that is also generally used for protecting the head from the sun, cold or hot weather, and rain.

Types of Hats and Caps for Kids
No matter if you visit a hat store or you shop online, you will notice many hats and caps look very similar to one another. So which hats and caps would be the ideal choice for your kids? Here are the top 4 types that are a kid’s wardrobe must-have:

Bucket Hats
Another famous casual hat that has a wide, downward-sloping brim. These hats are usually made with cotton or denim fabric, and it is mainly used for sun protection. Bucket hats come in a ton of different solid colors and prints, and they are usually inexpensive.

Fedora Hat
Fedora hats date back to 1924; it is worn for both protection from bad weather and esthetic reasons. These hats are usually made with felt, wool or fur. They have an indented crown with a soft brim. These hats are usually expensive, and they are generally available in shades of black, brown, grey, and white. You can read more about Fedora Hats on https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fedora

Snapback Caps
Snapback caps are hands-down the most popular type of caps. Snapback caps usually have 6 adjustable panels with a flat brim. These caps are perfect for casual and sporty looks. Snapback is popularly known for its “one size fits all” quality, so it is the best option for growing kids.

Fitted Caps
Fitted caps have a similar shape and style as the snapback caps, but the only difference is that fitted caps are sewn in 5 or 6 sections and they are fitted to the size of the head. Fitted Caps are also available in stretch fitted that might be a better choice if you are either unsure about the perfect size.



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