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The Essential Factors You Should Consider when Picking an Accent Chair

An accent chair has long proven to be an invaluable addition to many a space, and we have all made use of accent chairs not only as functional elements but also as decorative elements in our homes. But in terms of selecting the right accent chair, it’s not just about choosing the right material or the right size and shape – you already know this, and you have to be sure that the chair is the proper fit for the available area. But there are other essential factors you should consider to make the ideal decision. So what are these factors, and why are they vital as well? Let’s find out.

  • Achieving the right balance

As mentioned, the size of your accent chair should already be one of your prime considerations, but the size of your chair is also determined by the overall purpose of your chair and what you would like it to achieve. If your chair is purely decorative, then it’s wise to opt for a chair that’s more on the slender side with a simple style. If you’re seeking a chair for your dining area, slender and simple is a good choice as well.

A Windsor chair, for example, is a good option, especially since you can place it anywhere – in a corner of the kitchen, next to a fireplace or credenza, and so on. If you are planning to put your chair in your living area, you would need something with a bit more substance. But whilst the chair should hold well enough on its own, it still shouldn’t be too big that it overwhelms the space. There are many iconic chairs you can choose for this precise function and purpose, as long as you make sure the seat matches the area’s style.

  • Thinking about your layout

You also have to think about your layout for the space. This will also help you determine the number of accent chairs you should get for the area. Here’s one tip; relegate your seating areas into blocks so you can benefit from a good flow of movement and encourage conversation. You should allot a minimum of 18 inches of space between the chair and other pieces of furniture, regardless if it’s an end table or coffee table, a bench, or a stool. Your sofa shouldn’t sit higher than the accent chair, either, as the ideal seating should be level for the best flow of conversation and visual. The height of your accent chair should be within about 4 inches of the other seats in the room.

  • Matching the surrounding area

If you want your chair to exude style and personality, consider matching it to the surrounding area. Look at your other décor’s elements, such as the base of your lamps or the mirror frames. Are they ornate or simple? Are your decorative elements refined and classic or whimsical and bohemian? By determining the ambience of the surrounding area, you can more easily choose between a casual chair or a more dramatic one. Accent chairs with claw feet and scrolled armrests would be great with other grand and traditional décor, whilst bold geometric prints and nail heads on a chair would go well with the art deco look.


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