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Four Popular Headboard Styles

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The right headboard can transform the look of your bedroom, making it much more comfortable and attractive. Headboards are available in many different styles, meaning that you shouldn’t have any trouble finding one that will work well with your existing decor. Four primary styles you will come across are:

Paneled Headboards

Paneled headboards feature flat panels fitted inside of a rectangular outer frame. With clean lines and a sleek, attractive design, they won’t make your bedroom look cluttered. They are particularly well-suited for divan beds and are versatile enough to work with a variety of decorating styles.

Despite their tidy appearance, paneled headboards don’t have to be boring. For instance, you can choose a headboard with intricately carved wood panels to add beauty, texture, and visual interest to your space.

Slatted Headboards

Slatted headboards, which can be crafted out of wood or metal, are designed with slats that run vertically. The vertical lines draw the eye upward, which can trick the eye into thinking that the headboard is taller than it really is. Although many designs feature evenly-spaced slats, you can also find headboards where the slats are grouped in different arrangements to create a more casual or interesting look. Headboards like these are a good choice for small rooms since they increase the feeling of depth.

Traditional Headboards

When people think of traditional headboards, they often picture large carved headboards like you would find in an old manor house or castle. In this case, however, we are referring to headboards that feature a traditional shape or design. Just inside the outer edges of the headboard, it curves up into an arch, giving it more of a traditional appearance. Headboards like these are available in both metal and wood.

Contemporary Headboards

Sleek and modern, contemporary headboards usually feature a smooth, simple design that can add sophisticated style to your bedroom. If your room features modern decorating touches like stainless steel, chrome, glass, or pale wood, a contemporary headboard would probably be a great choice since it would work well with the rest of your decor.

To make the headboard a little bit more understated, opt for a design that is upholstered with fabric made out of wool or some other type of natural fiber. Ultimately, the goal is to create a cohesive space where all of the decorating elements are evenly balanced.

As you search for the perfect headboard, these are four of the main styles that you will encounter. Take a look at these Zgallerie reviews and find the perfect headboard for your bed. Other types of headboards that you may run into include bookcase headboards, which have built-in storage, and shabby chic headboards, which lend any room a romantic touch.



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