10 Ideas for Laid-Back Bachelorette Celebrations in the Covid Era

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Are you planning a wedding or bachelorette party this year? While it may be hard to make plans like you would have in a non-COVID-19 era, that doesn’t mean you can’t still plan a well-thought-out get-together. Bachelorette parties are a ton of fun, but COVID-19 restrictions have ruled out a lot of the activities that bachelorette parties usually consist of. For example, going to a restaurant or visiting a casino might have been on a bride’s bachelorette wish list, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create the same vibes and celebration by doing something else.

Whether you are the bride or you’re part of the bridal party, these ideas will be a sure hit for the bride and her friends. So grab your girlfriends and let’s plan a fun and safe bachelorette party!

Cabin Getaway

If you live in a big city and it’s not possible to go out to dinner or treat yourself to a relaxing spa day, plan a trip to a secluded area or a cabin so that you and your girlfriends can enjoy some rest and relaxation away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Cabin trips are great because not only will you be able to take a break from reality, but you’ll also be socially distanced from large groups of people. Once you’re at the cabin, you can do plenty of things to relax and have fun. For example, one night you could host a game night to get everyone laughing, and the other night could revolve around mani, pedis and makeovers. If you’re an adventurous bunch, you and your girls can also take this time to get out and enjoy nature. Get some neon lights, a funky custom neon sign or star projectors to recreate the feel of a nightclub:

Spa Night

If the bachelorette party you were planning involved a chic and luxurious spa getaway, don’t lose hope on an evening of relaxation just yet. You can easily create a day of Zen for you and your girl squad by doing at-home manis and pedis, face masks and massages without putting anyone’s health at risk. Look for matching plus size loungewear sets so that you and your girl gang can match while you relax. It will truly feel like you’re at a spa. Assemble a cute spa take-home gift basket for everyone so that they can keep up their pamper routine after the bachelorette party is over.

Dance Party

If you were looking forward to dancing it out at the club with your girls, but local bars and nightclubs aren’t open, you can easily create a dance party in a hotel room or at home. Get some neon lights or star projectors to recreate the feel of a nightclub, and create a playlist of your gang’s favorite tunes. Make sure your refrigerator is stocked with plenty of champagne and hors d’oeuvres. You can send out exclusive invitations letting everyone know to make sure they show up in their best club attire—heels not mandatory. To start off the evening, you can always host a dance battle or play a dancing game like Just Dance to loosen everyone up!

Tarot Cards

Is your girl group into tarot cards or palm readings? If so, take part in virtual palm readings or hire a psychic for a night. Psychic readings make for great conversation!

The Ultimate Sleepover

When you and your girl squad were growing up, did you have fun sleepovers where you stayed up all night and snuck out late for snacks? Reminisce with your best gal pals by hosting a sleepover, complete with a late-night snack run, pizza delivery, endless champagne and games. Whether you end up watching your favorite movies from back in the day or go through old yearbooks, it will be good to reflect on the old times as you all move on to the next chapter in life. You can also look through old photos and then take new photos. Think up some plus size photoshoot ideas with matching outfits or fun props for a fun night.

Road Trip

Do you have an adventurous group of girlfriends? If so, maybe take a short road trip to the beach, a national park or hotel that you all have been wanting to go to. A road trip is a great way to travel safely and make everyone feel like they are on a little getaway. If you want to make it a luxurious road trip, rent a fancy car for the day or hire a Limo Find or party bus. Sometimes you just need to get out and let your hair down!

Pool Party

There is nothing more glamorous or relaxing than hanging out poolside with your best friends feeling fabulous in your cute bathing suit. You can make bachelorette-themed cocktails and fill the pool with Instagrammable floaties for a day full of fun.

Outdoor Fitness

If you’re in an area where there are fun outdoor fitness activities or dance classes, you can sign up you and your girls for an action-packed day. From hip-hop dance classes to yoga, you and your friends will feel energized and excited after your workout. If it’s not everyone’s cup of tea to work out or some people in your party aren’t feeling confident, find workouts that revolve around the body positivity movement and are inclusive of all body types.

Backyard BBQ

Are you joining your bachelorette party with your soon-to-be husband’s bachelor party? If so, throw a joint BBQ complete with plenty of music, drinks and friends. This cool little kickback is the perfect way to have a fun and safe bachelor and bachelorette party. You can keep the event interesting by hosting engaging games.

Wine Tasting

Since most wineries are outside, you and your girl squad can visit a winery safely. If you and your friends are wine connoisseurs, this could be a very fun bachelorette party. Rent a party bus on the way to the vineyard so that you all can dance it up before you get your sip on.

Having a bachelorette party during COVID-19 may not be the most ideal situation or what you had originally envisioned, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t still kick it with your girls and celebrate the soon-to-be bride!


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