LA’s Hottest 2020 Holiday Card Trends

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LA is known for the ultimate fashion and high-end lifestyle. The whole world is following the LA’s trends in lifestyle, fashion, holiday and much more. Even for the 2020 holiday cards, LA’s trends are popular. It is not just about the people here but the whole industry has a different taste and uniqueness in everything. The most important thing to consider is the combinations and qualities.

The card designers and producers in LA come up with some significantly impressive ideas. All of these options are always attractive for the individuals and families as well. Trends have everything for every single individual of the society. It is the best part of LA’s trend that no one can feel left out at all. There is something special for everyone in the box, from the business organization to a family, individual to friends and neighborhood as well. All you need is to check out the trends for once and you will get some ideas for your perfect and creative holiday cards.

Family theme

Wishing holiday is not just about one person; families can take part in the wishes and celebrations at the same time. It is important to make your family recognition in the first place. With the help of your family on the front, you will be able to make a move in overall socialization. It can boost your socialization; meet up, reputation and popularity level. In LA’s latest trends for holiday cards, you will be able to check out the family theme. Using cheap photo Christmas cards, you can put the family picture on it and wish everyone a good holiday season.

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Pictures and patterns

The use of pictures in the holiday cards is good, but combining them with patterns makes these pictures more attractive. In many of the popular LA holiday card designs, you will get the combination of pictures with patterns. These patterns can be stripes, dots, impression, signs and many others. Using the soft colors and sometimes-loud combinations, these patterns serve the purpose for you. Commonly the patterns are at the background like a frame or border and pictures are in that specific border. It is possible to use these patterns in combination with plain colors to give a more sophisticated look to the card.

Clip arts

Adding more colors and life to cards is about clip art. It is one of the innovative and impressive trends in holiday cards that grab your attention. Using the perfectly design clip art images, graphics and text makes card innovative. It is about improving the overall impression of the card using these useful elements. You do not have to be limited with the options, the clip art lets you to draw your own images, use from library or have your sketch as well. It means you will have a full room of creativity that can help to make a difference in the holiday card. In the clip art trend, you have liberty to pick up designs and get them ready with exclusive theme.

Subtle and plain colors with impressions

There is one thing we all know about LA’s trends is the subtle and plain colors. No matter, if these are light or loud colors, you will always find sync in them. The darker tones are also having a mate and dull looks and contrast brightness. It makes an overall creative impression in combination. The same rule applies for the cards. You have the options to use glitters in combination to use with the plain and subtle colors. It helps you making a difference and keeping things refreshing, attractive and pleasant at the same time. Just pick the colors of your style and choice and manage them according to your preferences.

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Embossed designs

The last but not the least we have the embossed design. It is one of the popular and ancient designs in holiday card. Being ancient never refers to a historical perspective but an all-time favorite. Embossed pattern can be the part of your card in full or partial as well. You do not have to get whole emboss pattern card. There can be sections and parts that are embossed. It is an element that you can add to cards with pictures, colors; glitters clip art, patterns and much more. The trend works in single and combination at the same time.

Bottom line

It is hard to define LA’s holiday cards trend in specific. Here are some popular trends and common sophisticated patterns LA loves to follow. You can recreate your cards or follow the trends.


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