20 Best Barber Shops In USA – Barber Shop near me – A Complete Details

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20 Best Barber Shops In USA

A good hair cut plays a vital role in a man’s personality. Having messy hair does not suit everyone. It is good to have a delicate hair cut to enhance the personality and style. However, when it comes to hair, you can’t trust every barber. One has to choose the right place to chop the hair perfectly. During the last few years, barber shops has been transformed from dull and boring to the most relaxed place to visit every time. Are you looking for the best barber shops in the USA? Well, you’ve landed in the right place. We have concluded the top 20 best barbers shop in America, which will surely take you to cloud nine. Read the article for the details.

  1. Church Barber & Apothecary

The top barber shop we selected is the church barber & apothecary due to the high-end services. You’ll enjoy the benefits in this shop includes:

  • Stylish scissor cut.
  • Clean up.
  • Razor (straight) shave.
  • Beard trimming.
  • Design addition to any haircut you want.

This shop is located in San Francisco and serving the people of the USA for years. Those looking for an excellent yet natural barber shops where all the professionals are experts in manually cutting the hair, then this one is for you. They have their products named church’s which the experts use in any hair styling. Why? Because the products made by this brand are chemical-free extracted from the plants and have such excellent results. The talcum powder they use for finishing has made from the arrowroot. Other than the fantastic hair cut experts, this shop is also famous for its adorable interior.


  1. Fleischam A Men’s Salon (New York)

This salon caters to New York City and steals the spotlight due to their stylists’ super unique haircuts. They designed a hair cut according to your face, hair texture, style, hair direction, and look you need. The hairstylists at this store will create a look which you even don’t know will be possible on your hair. Moreover, you can visit them for the consultation before the hair cut to choose the best one from the rest. The salon is no doubt pretty classy embedded with the leather club chairs, dark wooden floors, and provides you a complimentary beer plus scotch in every visit. This is the place which will make you like a home.

  1. The Argyle League (Houston)

This salon has the top 11 barbers of the town, created three years back. The salon’s decor is based on the mid-century design plus furniture and provides you complimentary for free. The hair services offered by this super great barber shops includes:

  • Straight razor shaves.
  • Simple beard trim.
  • ½ shave and beard trim.
  • Shave and a haircut.
  1. Stag Barbershop (Milwaukee)

The next fantastic salon we have on the list is Stag barber shops, based in Milwaukee. This salon tries to create a balance between innovative charm and sophistication that will suit men’s tastes. It is famous for its exclusive haircuts and razor shaves tailored to the man’s style and desire. This salon’s services include hair & shave, brow & ear waxing, beard & mustache trimming.

  1. Birds Barbershop (Austin)

This shop already wins awards in hair cut, hair color, and beard trimming. It was opened in 2006 and delivered such affordable services to men, women, and kids. Due to the high demand, you might have to wait in their waiting area, which contains attractive games, and yes, you will get a free beer. Services they offer are hair cut, hair treatment, hair styling.


  1. Junior & Hatter (Miami)

The hairstylists at this salon are experts and famous for the excellent trims plus haircut. However, this salon’s main feature is the loving attitude of the workers, which attracts people more. Moreover, you can enjoy different games and complimentary drinks while waiting for your turn. The services offered by this salon are haircut, hot shave, and beard trimming.

  1. Barbers Of Hell’s Bottom

Please don’t get scared by the name but get amazed by their services. It is based on the museum floors and such astonishing decor. However, the salon is famous for haircut and trimming. They have such a great waiting area and good services. Their barber shops are pro in mixing the modern scissor techniques with traditions.

  1. Joe’s Barbershop Chicago

It was created in 1968 and serving us with the best cutting services for years. The shop has decorated with vintage items, which create a relaxing atmosphere around. They always receive so many appreciations for their trendy cuts and affordable services.

  1. Best Barber (New York)

This is the shop embedded with all the white furniture giving it a trendy look. However, the stylists at this barber shop are best of all and have a master card to perfectly cut the hair. It was established in 2014 and the best choice for the modern person.

  1. Belmont Barbershop ( Chicago)

This shop serves people of all ages. They offer a personalized, tailored service that suits your face, style, and look. Choose this salon to get a perfect haircut, which enhances your personality. The services provided by them are haircut, beard grooming, beard trim, head, and face shaves.


  1. Throne Portland

This is a simple salon embedded with traditional services. They treat their clients like a king by making them sit in their customized throne chair. The service provided by this salon are haircuts and straight razor shaves.

  1. Al’s Barber Shop

This hair salon is serving for 20 years, delivering the classic old school haircutting and unique grooming techniques according to the latest trend. One can get all the services in one place in this barber shop. The services you will enjoy at this salon are haircut, shave, neck clean up, beard trim, and mustache.

  1. Persons Of Interest

If you are looking for stylish cuts, shaves, and beard trims in one place, then this is the salon for you. However, the place has chic decoration but such amazing haircuts. You will get a cold beer and solid music as a bonus to get a haircut from there. The services provided by them are haircut, beard trim, straight razor shave, and a barber cut.

  1. Ball & Buck Boston

This shop offers all the services which you can expect from a barber shop. However, it is recommended to make the appointment some weeks before. The services available at this store are haircut, shave, buzz, and beard trim.

  1. Adian Gill For Men

In this salon, you can’t use the cellphone but make a healthy conversation between staff and clients is encourages by the owner. However, it also offers men accessories and skincare products. The services provided by this salon are traditional ones.

  1. Denver Al’s Barber Shop

This shop is famous for its easy-to-style cuts created by the hairstylists by keeping in mind the old school charm. However, you can also get the new school look from their experts. Moreover, you can get all the services at this shop at a reasonable rate.


  1. Sloane Square Barbers (Miami Beach)

The barber shop contains the chesterfield chairs and a bar based on such amazing creativity. One can enjoy the relaxing haircut, and it gives a refreshing feel to the clients. This shop’s services are great haircuts, hair coloring, nail grooming, eyebrow wax, mini facials, straight razor shaves.

  1. Baxter Finley

The barter Finley shop decorated with vintage barber chairs, such as antique lights, will refresh your mind’s golden era. However, this the best stop to get super amazing haircuts. They also have a collection of hair, shave, and skin essentials. The services provided by them include buzzcut, grey blending, haircut, facial, beard trim, and shave.

  1. Milwaukee Stag Barber shop

This shop has friendly staff members and has such classy decoration. It includes a comfortable leather shop and rustic touches. However, you can easily decide which cut to choose, either trendy or casual. Furthermore, the services are available at such affordable rates.

  1. State Street Barbers Boston

The salon has professionals in this field for years offering exceptional hair services to make you look super classy. Their place is decorated with vintage photos along with the oak flooring to create a great ambiance. Their services are haircuts, hair coloring, and hot lather shaves.


If you live in the USA and looking for such a high-class or affordable barber shop, go for anyone mentioned above. We have covered the top 20 supreme quality barbers, and some of them are offering haircuts at a budget-friendly rate. So what are you waiting for? Get your favorite haircut from the best barber in town.


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