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Here is all details about Outward recipes. We are living in the 21st century. Where with each day new innovations are being disclosed to us. Ever since we have laid our hands on the world of entertainment and media, there are so many things that have been introduced to us.

One such thing is video games. 85 percent of world’s population is indulged in playing games regardless of the device or genre. There are nearly a million games that exist in the world right now. These games are of all types. From cell phones to laptops and to PS4’S you can literally play game anywhere.

It could literally take days to discuss the kinds and types of games that have been developed. People are obsessed with famous games like Mortal Kombat, GTA and what not. People spend thousands of dollars just for the sake of games.

This is perhaps one way of entertainment. Video games have surely kept us really occupied and truly they’re a great way to pass and spend time.

There a million things that we can talk about games and what games are made of. Even in games there are so many exciting things that happen and that is the only thing that keeps us hooked. Players need something exciting and challenging. Good games are full lf challenging tasks and expeditions.

One such game that we will be talking about in this article is the Outward. It might be new to some ears and to some not. But we must say that it us an absolutely amazing game that has kept the players hooked and excited.

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Outward Game and Recipes

Outward is a fantasy game developed by a Canadian studio called nine dots. Just like any other game it received a lot of hype as well. The game was initially released in 2019. Since than, there have been many players who immensely enjoy playing it.

The most fascinating part about the game is the music and it’s graphics. Since the game is totally fantasy based, the gamers get to see a lot of colour full stuff that makes the game a lot more exciting.

The game is multi player. Means can be played by many people at a time but if you wish to play alone that can happen as well. It can be played locally as well through split screen. This article is about the outward recipes.

A recipe refers to the knowledge of how to craft an item. For a video game a recipe refers to how an item can be created. The item could be a weapon or a task itself. It could be money to unlock different adventures and quests. This is something that makes the game a lot more interesting

 If you’re a video game lover and if you have played outward and you really like it, you should definitely read this article to find about amazing outward recipes. This will make your game a lot more interesting and worth playing.

Crafting recipe is a major gameplay mechanic in outward which allows the player to create items ranging from Equipment to food, Drinks, imbues and many other items. This is a feature that makes any game utterly interesting and exciting. This is exactly what a player wants. You want something you can create on your own and something that is very exciting. Outward recipes allow you to do this very well.

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A recipe also refers to the knowledge of how to craft an item. There are specific codes that you have to put in to give the command. Following are some Outward recipes:

  • Survival Crafting recipes
  • Alchemy Recipes
  • Cooking recipes
  • Blacksmiths
  • Decrafting

You can craft these recipes in the crafting menu with no other tools needed.

Outward Food Crafting Recipes

When you’re playing a fantasy game, you need something through which you can create your own food in the game. This makes the game a lot more interesting and fun. If you play the outward game, this section of the article will be very important for you because this will tell you how your character can make food in the game.

  1. Alpha Jerky = 2 Alpha Meat + 2 Salt.
  2. Alpha Sandwich = Alpha Meat + Bread.
  3. bread of the wild = smoke root + alpha meat + wools room + bread.
  4. Cierzo Ceviche = Rainbow Trout + Seaweed + Salt.
  5. Diademe de Gibier = raw jewel meat + meat + cactus fruit + salt.
  6. Dry Mushroom Bar = Common Mushroom × 4.
  1. Meat Stew = Meat + Gaberries x1 + Salt
  2. Miner’s Omelette = Egg + Egg + Common Mushroom
  3. Ocean Fricassee = Larva Egg + Fish + Seaweed
  4. Pot-au-Dey du Pirate = Fish x3 + Salt
  5. Pungent Paste = Egg + Ochre Spice Beetle + Fish
  6. Ragout da Marais = miasmapod + meat + marshmelon + salt
  7. Stringy Salad = 2 wools room + 2 vegetable
  8. Turmmip Potage =
  9. Turnip × 3 + Salt

Outward Recipes for Weapons

Weapons is the most important thing in any fighting game. Its even more important in a fantasy game where you witness danger from all sides. This is how you can create and craft your own weapons.

  • Arrow: 1x Wood + 1x Iron Scrap
  • Bullets: 1x Iron Scrap + 1x Thick Oil
  • Fire Rag: 1x Thick Oil + 1x Linen Cloth
  • Ice Rag: 1x Seaweed + 1x Linen Cloth
  • Poison Rag: 1x Grilled Crabeye Seed + Linen Cloth
  • Fang Axe: 1x Iron Axe, 1x Predator Bones, 1x Linen Scrap
  • Old Lantern: 2x Iron Scraps + 1x Thick Oil + 1x Linen Cloth
  • Horror Bow: 2x Horror Chitan + War Bow + Occult Remains
  • Ice: Flame Torch: Makeshift Torch + Cold Stone + Iron Scrap
  • Crescent Greataxe: 2x Shark Cartilage + Palladium Scrap + Felling Axe

Coralhorn Bow: Recurve Bow + 2x Occult Remains + 1x Crystal Powder


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