How to Look Stylish with These Korean Clothing Brands

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Back in the day, the only countries that really were producing clothes that were considered high-end and stylish were places such as Italy, France and other European countries. However, that trend has absolutely changed over the last decade and now places such as Korea and Japan are considered to be at the very top of what is stylish, chic and in.

If you are looking to get up to speed with Korean style, you are going to have to learn about some of the most popular Korean clothing brands that are dominating the market right now. Luckily, you have absolutely come to the right place!

If you are wondering how to look stylish with Korean clothing brands, see more here and keep reading!

The Handsome

The Handsome has grown to become one of the more popular online options for fashion lovers thanks to the fact that it has nearly endless categories that are available for fashionistas at super reasonable prices. Known as one of the more up and coming Korean clothing brands, The Handsome has its own lines of activewear, intimates, gowns, slacks on top of daily wear for men, women and children.

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Beyond that, The Handsome is known for taking its inspiration from Korean streetwear, which is one of the hottest spots for cutting edge fashion in the world!


Designer Lee Chung Chung made a name for himself in the Korean menswear industry, but these days he is better known for dominating the world of women’s fashion thanks to his brand, Lie. His label is now perhaps best known for bravely mixing different patterns as well as creating highly modern and simplistic androgynous-looking women’s clothes that actually draw inspiration from popular trends in men’s fashion.

Beyond Closet

Designer Taeyong Ko created Beyond Closet back in 2008 with the goal of appealing to young men who were looking to wear more casual outfits so that they could be comfortable no matter where their day took them. Now, the brand and designer is perhaps best known for being a costume designer on the set of the hit K-drama Boys Over Flowers. So fans can get a taste of his personal style from the show by shopping at Beyond Closet.

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Style Nanda

Style Nanda was first started back in 2004 as an online secondhand clothes reseller. It has come from those relatively humble beginnings and has gone on to become one of the most popular fashion and makeup brands in all of Korea. It is one of the top go-to brands for foreign Korean fashion lovers who have just started to get acquainted with the style and flair that Korea has to offer.

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Now that you have a great idea of some of the top Korean fashion brands available today, you can start to get looking to mix and max your own favorite pieces with the wonderful fashion art that is coming out of the small, but incredibly culturally relevant Korean nation!


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