7 Basic Personal Equipment Every Military Personnel Should Have

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Apart from the weapons, vehicles, the military communication system and all other standard-issue gears provided at the camp, one needs to be aware of the essential personal equipment military personnel must carry along to make themselves combat-ready. Equipment that a person takes to the field can sometimes be very specific since every individual has his/her own preferences. Nonetheless, there is a universal set of military gears that all military personnel should possess since these would help them get through an operational deployment with ease. It is vital to purchase military equipment and related items from experienced suppliers, who prioritise flawless service and customer satisfaction over everything.  

Here is a look at the most necessary personal equipment gears military personnel must possess.

  1. Military Boots

Military combat boots are usually shock-resistant, light-weight, flexible and adaptable to diverse conditions. Military boots play a crucial role in resisting the scorching heat and the rough terrains to which the armies are usually exposed. Also being extremely durable, they are fit for daily use.

  • Gloves

It is vital to protect one’s hands while working in an operational environment since most of the on-field duties such as handling weapons or repairing systems, need to be done with the hand. One’s hands would likely get injured in the absence of gloves. Hence, experts recommend investing in high-quality military gloves that will allow one to do his/her job more safely. Also, gloves would be beneficial in a cold working environment.

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  • Multi-Tool

As the name suggests, a multi-tool is a must-have item in a military personnel’s collection. This handy tool would serve multiple purposes like fixing a tent, cutting a parachute cord or prying something open. It is a strong, robust and durable item that would easily fit into one’s belt buckle, making it a handy tool to carry around.

  • Cooking Stove

While choosing a stove, it is ideal to purchase a lighter model that would be relatively easy to carry around. Handy stoves which are smaller in size are now commonly available in the market. Again, ensure to invest in high-quality systems. If one opts for a low-quality system for budgetary reasons, it might leak fuels and cause danger to the owner and others around them.

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  • Flashlight

One must purchase an efficient, good quality head-torch/flashlight as torches are essential tools to have on the combat field. It is mandatory to have one that is capable of producing red light. Ideally, one can purchase a head-torch that transforms from white light to red light as one might need either, depending on the circumstances.

  • Duffle Bags

They got their name from a town called Duffel in Belgium since these bags’ origin traces back to the place. Duffle bags are available in various sizes. Military personnel often use strong-grade duffle bags for carrying their personal belongings to the operational field or their camp.  

  • Military-Grade Sunglasses

Military personnel use military-approved sunglasses to protect their eyes from severe damage on and off the combat field. On the combat field, soldiers face a lot of debris and bullets that can cause severe harm to their vision. Additionally, sunglasses would be useful while treading through the woods. The soldiers will have to protect their eyes from direct exposure to the UV rays for avoiding retinal damage, and sunglasses would do the job efficiently.


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