Everything to Look for When Buying Permanent Markers

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Are you looking for a writing utensil that provides long-term markings? According to Thought Co, historians often credit American Sidney Rosenthal for inventing the permanent marker in 1952 with his “Magic Marker” that included an ink-filled glass bottle and wool felt wick. Today you can pick from a wide range of markers for surfaces like cardboard, plastic, and stone. It’s essential to know the different features to look for, including the following:


In the past, permanent pens were usually large and wide. This type is preferable when you need to create big and bold letters. In those cases, it’s more practical to pick a large marker instead of a small one.

However, large markers are more difficult to bring to work, school, etc. A slim marker is a better option in terms of portability. Since it has a smaller profile, it’s easier to store and bring with you when you have to write with a marker pen.

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A narrow nib is also essential when you need to mark with more detail. You can easily create fine lines whether you’re writing or drawing.

A pocket clip is another feature that increases a marker’s portability. This feature allows you to attach it to clothing or bag pockets. It’s a practical option if you want to keep your marker pens handy and organized. For example, if you attach it to your chest pocket, you’ll have easy access to the marker anytime.

Writing Surfaces

The writing surfaces include both non-porous surfaces like glass and steel and porous surfaces like cardboard and wood. Specific markers work well on some surfaces but not others. It can affect how long the markings stay on the surface or even marking surfaces.

One option is to test-write on a surface. However, a better option is to pick a marker pen that can provide permanent markings on different porous and non-porous surfaces. This feature offers better functionality and prevents the need to use the “trial and error” method.

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In some cases, you can pick from several colours or even a dozen. This option is ideal for different situations. For example, if you have to organize different containers, it’s practical to mark them in different colours. Available colours can include:

  • Blue
  • Green
  • Green
  • Orange
  • Purple
  • Red
  • Yellow

Another critical reason to consider different colours is that light or dark colour might show up better on certain surfaces based on whether the surface itself is light or dark. It’s crucial to maintain a good contrast for better readability.

A more subjective reason to pick specific colours is you might prefer one coloured marker over others. The most popular colours in Australia include green and gold, according to the Australian government.


This factor is critical and it can increase the marker’s lifespan. Look for well-designed and manufactured markers to boost durability.

The features include plastic nibs that can boost the marker’s strength, so it lasts longer. This feature can protect your investment so you’ll have to replace the marker later rather than sooner.     When selecting a permanent marker, you have many options from which you can pick. They include ones like nib width, ink colour, and durability. You can then find pens that can be a permanent fixture in your marker box.


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