Are Juicer and Blender the same?

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Well, you might be here with the wrong concept that juicer and blender are both the same things. The clear answer is NO. Many buyers feel hesitant while selecting between the juicer or blender as both have almost the same functions and outputs, but if you really look into the features of both, you get to know a lot of differences. Both machines have different ways to process vegetables or fruits. So, you need to know about them before making a purchase.

Difference b/w Juicer and Blender:

Many people have the wrong idea about juicer and blender being the same thing. Actually, these are two different things with different processing. They both are meant to produce a drink full of nutrients after acting with the fruits and vegetables, but how they process them and the outcome is totally different. Let’s take a look at the working of Juicer and Blender individually.

The Working of a Juicer:

The working of a juicer is different from the blender as it disconnects the fiber from the fruits or vegetables. Now, the only thing which is now left out to drink is juice, which might not be very nutritious for the human body. The juicer machine abandons the fiber, which is very important. Juicers, in addition, fall into different categories, and different juicers work differently.

Centrifugal Juicers: These kinds of juicers are the most famous juicers and are usually used in homes. Due to their fast processing speed, they are also acknowledged as fast juicers. They produce juice with the help of centrifugal force.

Masticating Juicers: These kinds of juicers work as almost the same way as centrifugal juicers works. Masticating juicers are slower than centrifugal juicers and produce juice, which is a semi-liquid type and is not satisfying to the mouth.

Twin Gear Juicers: These juicers are the most expensive ones, and they are hard to clean if compared to centrifugal or masticating juicers. However, these juicers produce the juice very slow and chunky.

Cold Press Juicer Machines: These are high-quality juicers that use hydraulic press technology to produce the juice. These are the most expensive juicers, which are usually used by restaurants or cafes to make high-end juices.

Advantages of Juicing:

Digestible Juice:

As fiber is left out of the juice by the juicer machine, the drink becomes digestible. This means you won’t have to fave the digestion problem if your stomach is upset and cannot bear something which is indigestible. You can easily drink the juice containing the minerals which are essential for your body.

Fruits or Vegetables:

The benefit of juicing is that some people don’t like eating fruits or vegetables. So the best way for them to intake the vitamin of the fruits or the vegetables is to drink the juice made by the juicer. Juicer removes the bulky stuff and provides you with a liquid full of minerals or vitamins.

The Working of a Blender:

Unlike a juicer machine, a blender processes the fruits and vegetables together with the fiber, which makes your drink a smoothie type. In this way, you get all the nutrients that are present in an individual fruit or vegetable. So, it means that the blender’s juice is more beneficial than the one made by the juicer and also satisfies your hunger.

The question arises: Which machine is better for producing juice or which one will be better for your health? Well, many experts are of the opinion that getting the nutrients is essential, which means that juice without fibre is a waste. While some people say that both machines have advantages and disadvantages, there’s no way we can compare them as both the machines are useful and beneficial in their own way.

Types of Blenders:

  • Jug Blender
  • Single Serving Blender

Advantages of Blending:

Helps Digestion:

The output which is given by the blender contains the fiber from the fruits and vegetables. The fiber helps to improve your digestive system by acting as a cleaner of toxins in your stomach.

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Feel Fuller:

When you intake the fiber with the juice, you feel fuller for a long time as the liquid is of pulpy type and fulfills your appetite. Blender also saves the fiber from getting wasted. So, if you don’t want to throw away the waste, use Blender.

What to Use? In the end, the question arises that what to use? Well, the debate of comparing juicer and blender cannot end with the perfect answer which may also have been discussed at ScanMyKitchen. We have listed the workings and advantages of both machines. Your selection depends on your specific use or budget. Some people might want to have a clean and clear juice without any other material of the fruits or vegetables using a juicer, and some might want to have extra nutrients, which of course, you can get with using a blender. The best idea is to have both in the kitchen to use them at the time of their specific need.



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