Common Beauty Blender Mistakes You May be Making Everyday

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In the present time, the makeup sponges are so necessary to your daily regimes that you may probably seamlessly blend your foundation with your eyes closed. In spite of your close relationship, there are still a couple of things you didn’t know about your beloved beauty blender.

There are many of you who use beauty blenders every now and then but even then, do not get the satisfactory outcomes. Well, of course you never forget to check beauty blender price, go through different types, and pick the one that attracts you right? Well, when you pay attention to these areas then why not give some attention to the beauty blender mistakes you may be making all these years? Here are some points to know:

Do You clean it Regularly?

There are many people who never really bother to clean up the beauty blender.  It is so nasty and you may not really think about it until you end up ruining your skin. If you consider your cleaning thing, you will not find any dots or any accumulation on your sponge. But if you have not been in a habit of cleaning your beauty blender then you can check it and you may find black dots all over the surface. It is a good thing to clean up your sponge or beauty blender every week. If you extensively use it then clean it up every third day. After all, what is the point if your blender is blending mess in your skin!

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Do You Dry It After Cleaning?

Since your beauty blender soak a lot, it is important for you to clean it properly and then ensure that you dry it off completely. You should air dry them thoroughly. Mildew and bacteria do breed in any sort of trapped moisture and may get reactivated when you rewet it to use. So, be careful here. And if you are traveling or always on the go, then remember that you should not put your damp or wet blender in any air-tight makeup bag, unless it has a mesh or has air circulation to enable your beauty blender or the sponge to dry completely.

When  do you use your beauty blender?

In case you are only grabbing your sponge or beauty blender when it comes time to blend your foundation, you are actually underutilizing it. Experts use their sponges for all steps of skin like not just foundation but also, sometimes powder, and even cream blush and contours. After all, when you own a good quality and smooth beauty blender, there is no point of underusing it. Once you use it often and for multiple tasks, you will experience that you make less mistakes and get flawless at everything.


To sum up,  since you know much about different mistakes that people generally make with beauty blenders, it is time that you keep these in mind and stay away from them. After all, when you can avoid the mistakes, you should avoid them. And there is no point of using the makeup on your skin if you are not doing it in the right manner.


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