Why are Video Arcades Still a Total Win in Singapore

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Arcades have been around for decades in Singapore and still deliver the best amusement, social, and gaming experience to young and old gamers alike. Nowadays, these are experiences we need more than ever. Find out why as we walk you through the beginnings of gaming to the innovation of the modern day arcade in singapore.

Start Game: Arcades and Culture

It was Atari’s Pong in 1972 that brought video arcades to the mainstream. During the ’80s and ’90s, the arcade gaming industry was making billions a year. At the turn of the century, game developers brought the gaming experience to home consoles while their “optimized versions” remained in arcades. 

Altogether, arcades became part of everybody’s childhood. It became our meeting place where we spend the weekends with our family or hang out after school.

Select Multiplayer: On Social Experiences

There is a growing literature explaining the benefits of video gaming such as problem-solving, improved memory, boosting creativity, and more. However, what truly sets apart video arcades is the social experience it delivers. We learn how to work in pairs or teams and improve our social skills.

A 2020 survey on online gaming in Singapore showed that most video gamers play only casual single-player games. Also, most of them identify as casual gamers only, wherein they do not need special gaming equipment at home to improve their experience. 

Video Arcades has its own merits. However, people can mutually benefit from social interactions. Social activities help maintain a balanced life, especially in a time of uncertainty

Next Round: Nostalgia and the New Generation

Studies say nostalgia is one market area in the arcade industry that predicts high demand. Business owners started the concept of “barcades” for the older market to play retro games. But there’s a more long-term approach to preserve arcade culture. These 80s and 90s kids are the generations that experienced arcade culture at its peak. Since they now have families of their own or are the inventors of new gaming technology themselves, it is easy to find ways to pass on the values and benefits of arcade gaming to the next generation. 

We always hear that the younger generation should take their eyes off phones for once and play outside. But the truth is, it doesn’t make sense to force old-school ways on them. We can’t reverse-invent smartphones. What we need to do is share and teach the old-school core values while integrating technology instead. 

1UP: Arcades Are Back

Despite the current health crisis or the trend of gaming in mobile phones, the arcade gaming industry forecasts growth. The Video Arcades Games Machine Market showed an optimistic growth in 2015 – 2020, and they predict the same rate by 2025. Technological innovation will change the landscape with advances in facial and voice recognition, high-definition displays, and more. Virtual reality gaming has already made its mark in local arcades in singapore.

The way we experience arcades has changed over the years. We added VR games and turned them into event venues from old-school carnival games and social bowling. What remains the same is the timeless enjoyment we experience with our family and friends. 1UP means an extra life in the gaming context since Mario, and for arcades, it means the game is far from over. 

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