How Horoscope Started in Indian Vedic Astrology

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Vedic culture, an extremely ancient one, is considered thousands of years old. It has its unique stream of arts and sciences, theology, philosophy and literature, which very much exists to this present day. Long before the recognition that the Earth revolves around the Sun and that the planets travel on elliptical orbits, the Eastern preachers of the Indian Subcontinent were already using their knowledge of these fundamental principles to interpret the world. Since time immemorial, their teachings were passed on by word of mouth and were eventually put down in what we know today as the Vedic scriptures.

The Vedas are symbolic to a moral compass that helps guide a follower’s words, thoughts and actions on their path to enlightenment. Human life’s four purposes are specified:

  • DHARMA – Righteousness,
  • ARTHA – Wealth attained properly,
  • KAMA– Fulfilment of noble desires and
  • MOKSHA – Liberation.

Enlightenment is achieved when an intimate understanding of these purposes along with the Vedic scripts, Vedang and Upved teachings have been accomplished.

All these teachings influence the Vedas’ interpretation through their knowledge of arts, science, economics and other important aspects of life. These texts are the oldest written records from the ancient world and shape the Vedic culture’s foundation. They have the instructions for the rituals and mantras that form the backbone of the Vedic traditions. The most basic and indispensible part of this culture is Jyothish Vedanga (the science of light) – Vedic astronomy and astrology, which has been in practice since ancient times.

These great traditions have inspired the development of arithmetic, algebra, geometry, astronomy and astrology. Understanding planetary motion and other astronomic activities encouraged the development of the first recorded lunar astrology system with the ellipse as its foundation. Quite the sophisticated system, the Vedic astrological system is based on the ancient clerics’ knowledge of mathematics and astronomy and illustrates an advanced understanding of mathematics and physics.


The core idea of Indian astrology is that our birth influences human existence on this planet at a particular time and location. Astrology being the study of the planets, their positions, their movements, and their interactions with each other, with the help of the wisdom that system offers, it was possible for the ancients to pay attention to what a person is also to what he can be. Immense attention was paid to methods of correcting personalities, changing karma, preventing disease and suffering. With practice; you are encouraged to grow spiritually and work on your character. This was accomplished by drawing out a birth chart or horoscope, a map of the universe for the moment and location you were born.  It is a map that shows where all the planets were in their journey around the Sun at the exact moment you were born. Your uniqueness, talents and purpose in life can be recognised. In addition to who you are, why you are here and where you are going, your future can also be predicted to a precise degree.

Innumerable highlights are offered by Vedic astrology through in-depth online horoscopes, such as:

-protection from tragic events

-Prevention of serious diseases

-choosing favourable dates for weddings, starting a business

-prepare for unfavourable periods, so that they pass as painlessly as possible

-finding a worthy spouse

-finding your purpose and the area you will be successful

-deciding which channels will bring in the big money

-understanding the reasons for failure and changing your karma by doing the right actions Out of the blue, you realise that you need not try and change anything about yourself. The way you did certain things were actually written into the stars at the moment of your birth. If you want to work on specific aspects of life, your horoscope can give you the perfect starting point. Hence, it can be amazingly reassuring when you can work these matters out.

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