How to hire a painter

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When it is coming to painting, many homeowners will hire a paint contractor to do the job. To ensure you are getting the best professional service wanted, there are several points you might want to consider before deciding which painter. Follow the professional advice given by painter Werribee to help ensure a high-quality job.

Contact at least three contractors.

The more contractors you get in touch, the more choices you will have for the project. Our recommendation is to get at least three quotes from different painting companies. Also, try to be home when they are conducting inspection therefore you know how accurate the quotation will be. Do not forget to ask questions about their experiences, qualifications, and team size to determine if they fit your job.

Let them understand your expectations.

You will have your expected result in terms of time and quality. It is wise to let the painter know that there are certain areas you will be looking to avoid any possible dispute. Tell the painter what is acceptable and what is not will save you a lot of time and trouble down the track. Communication is the key and makes sure your expectations are fully understood before deciding which painters to hire.

Conduct a reference check about the painting company.

It is a good idea to hire a painter that has good reviews and qualifications. Conduct some background check to see they are a member of a local trade group or professional practice. Also, check their reviews and comments on the internet to see whether there is any complaint or unsolved matter.

Ask for a quotation.

Get a written quotation from all the painter of interest. Ask them to include all the detail into the quotation sheet. Their quotation should include the brand of materials and paint going to use, the number of coats of primer, amount of preparation as well as labour. Also, it will be a good idea to ask them to include the expected timeframe for the project.

Ask for a warranty for their job.

Same as buying a product for the store, your painter should provide you with a warranty for the job he did. Any peeling, fading, or chipping of paint should be guarantee by the painter within two years after the service.

Finally, remember typically ten to fifteen per cent of the deposit will be needed for the painter to start the job. So do not put down more than enough and put yourself into a disadvantage position. Visit painter Glen Waverley for more tips on how to choose a painting company.

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