How to Take Care of Your Android Smartphone

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Getting a new phone for yourself is always very exciting. You get a new look and some new and cool features to use, some new Android Smartphone apps to download and so much more. Your friends will also be very excited to see and use your new phone and they would admire you for that. Plus, they will ask for your recommendation and experience when they will go out to buy a new phone for themselves. So, if you are planning to get a new Android phone then you must make sure that you conduct proper research, compare the prices and then buy your favorite phone.

Smartphone brands offer exclusive discounts if you buy your phone online and you also get more discounts if you get accessories from them too. To make your purchase more secure and speedy, you can use internet services by Xfinity which are affordable and reliable for all your entertainment, gaming, and other needs. To make things more affordable, Xfinity internet provides users with very useful and cost-effective Xfinity Internet Plans that make your internet experience pleasant and more productive. After you have purchased your phone, you can start off by making a minor investment and effort to secure and protect your phone from getting scratches, bumps caused due to falling, and other wear and tear caused by time. To avoid this from happening, you can have a look at the following protective measures to make your smartphone last longer.

Buy A Screen Protector

If you are spending $999 on a phone, don’t you think that you can spend $99 on buying a screen protector for your phone? It happens countless times that people drop their phones and damage the screen, the camera, or the outer shell of the phone. This decreases the value of the phone and does not give out the look that you have paid for when buying the phone. There are different variations of phone covers that you can use for your phone.

Don’t Install Unnecessary Apps

There are millions of Android Smartphone on App Store and Google Play Store and you are at liberty to download these applications as per your need. Having an abundance of applications on these application platforms. You can remove apps that you do not want to use or never use. These apps might consume your device’s memory, extra bandwidth, and also the battery. Also, using many apps can slow your phone’s performance as well.

Charge Your Phone Properly

Your Android Smartphone might not be fully charged at the end of the day and you have to plug in your charger and charge your phone. It is a good thing if you keep your phones charged between 40 percent or 80 percent charging. It is a good thing that you top-up your charge a few times in the day and gives your phone a 100 percent charge to keep your battery healthy and last longer.

Keep Your Operating System Updated

It is a good idea if you will keep your Android Smartphone updated. This not only increases the health of your phone but also introduces some cool features for your phone as well. These can be some new and efficient ways to conserve your phone, add more security to your phone, and protect against malware and malicious software. Your phone’s updates have the latest provisions for you to make the most of your phone. So the next time when an update notification popups on your phone, then make sure that you hit the update or the install now button.

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Using Chargers and Accessories That Were Not Provided By the Manufacturer

If you have the habit of using accessories and other equipment not provided by the manufacturer, then you are decreasing your phone’s battery health and overall performance. It is a good thing that you always use accessories including cables, chargers, headphones and other accessories else you might not be able to get the experience that you have paid for and also using other phone’s chargers and other accessories can decrease your phone’s potential life.

Key Takeaways

There are a lot of problems that you can get yourself into if you do not take proper care of your phone. For instance, you can get yourself a nice and clean phone pouch that can help you keep your phone safe and your hands vacant so that you can do other tasks throughout the day properly.


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