Brad pitt and jennifer aniston

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Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston are one of the most iconic celebrities that we have in Hollywood. The two have mesmerised the audience with their amazing acting and the perfect relationship. Brad Pitt is known for his charming and charismatic looks while Jennifer Aniston is known for hear beauty and bold attitude towards life and her acting career.

The two initially met 15 years ago and that’s when their romance started. Their relationship is definitely buried somewhere in the history and that’s how it will be till the world is alive.

Jennifer Aniston

Brad Pitt proposed to Jennifer Aniston in 1999 and that’s when they decided to get married. In 2000 the two got married in a lavish wedding ceremony which was worth one million dollar rupees. They stayed together for seven years before that and spent another 5 being together in the matrimony.

Unfortunately in 2005 the couple announced their split. Brad Pitt dated and married the famous and ever gorgeous Angeline Jolie after his divorce while Jennifer married Justin Theroux.

Brad Pitt has spent 500,000$ for the ring that he had proposed Jennifer Aniston with. It is true that paparazzi has a lot to gossip about, and according to sources, the divorce took place because of Brad’s affair with Angeline Jolie.

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And even though its been years since their divorce, Brad and Jennifer still skip a heartbeat when they see each other. Despite everything that had happened, the two still are really good friends and are occasionally spotted together.

In 2003, Jennifer in an interview stated that Brad was a big love in her life.

Well that love was soon to be someone else’s, only to know that one day his new love would leave him too.

Angelina Jolie

Yes that’s true, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are no more together. The couple filed for a divorce 3 years ago the reasons being unknown.

Brad Pitt married Angelina Jolie in 2014. A year later Jennifer too married Justin Theoroux. Together Brad and Angeline raised 6 children and separated declaring the differences to be irreconcilable. Two years after Brad’s divorce, Jennifer Aniston announced her split from husband Justin. Is this a coincidence or are they still really in love? No idea what kismet holds for them but paparazzi definitely has to stay a lot about this triangle!

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It is also reported that after Brad’s split from Angelina, the star texted Jennifer who was still married to her husband saying that he was having a hard time. The actor also wished her a happy birthday.


For his 50th birthday Brad reported sent an invite to Jennifer his ex wife! Both are now single and it is reported that they both secretly date each other and perhaps we can hear the wedding bells for them again!

Recently a sexy and flirtatious photograph of the two literally burned the Internet where both were seen intimately together! The audience still wishes to see them together!


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