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What’s the Difference? Gas vs. Electric Lawn Mowers

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It has not been too long since electric lawnmowers came into the market. Before that people only used to get confused over which brand of gas lawn mowers should they buy. When the electric lawnmower first came into the market everyone was so fascinated by it that they wanted to trade their gas lawn mowers with the new updated model.

But analyzing the market it was still seen that the larger share of the market still had depended on gas mowers to fix their lawns. As some people who had gone for electric lawn mowers afterwards discovered that it was not a wise move. Back in the days, the new updated electrical version had many risk factors and faults. Even after being an electric mower, it could not beat the efficiency of gas lawn mowers.

But now after several years, manufacturers have ironed their products and electric lawn mowers are making inroads. Now a lot of gas lawn mower users are shifting to electric mowers as it has become a viable option. But the market is still dominated by gas mowers.

No matter what the statistics say the best option for you depends on you and your considerations. Give this article a read to learn more about the differences between the lawnmowers. Perhaps it might help you make a decision as well as change your decisions.  

Gas Mowers are Better for Large Lawns

Apart from fuel gas, gas mowers can cover more distance than electric mowers. Electric mowers run out of power too quickly, so it will not be enough to finish a 14,000 square feet size of land. But if you use a gas mower you can cover that distance.

Electric lawnmowers can cover the length of the extension cord of 50 to 100 feet and even with two batteries stocked it cannot tackle huge lands. You can also go to agoodgarden.com to find out more about this.

Electric Mowers are More Eco-friendly

Gas mowers are not a good option for the environment. The charge of dirtiness alone can do huge harm to the green landscaping. Gas mowers require petrol, and it emits toxic particles on every second while being used on the lawn. Emission aside, it also makes a lot of noise and causes sound pollution. 

Electric mowers are better in this case. The environment-friendly feature of a mower should be considered carefully. The electric mowers do not omit hydrocarbon gases like gas mowers. Even while mowing there is no emission as the whole tool is projected by batteries.  

Battery-Operated Electric Mowers are the Easiest to Manoeuvre

Corded electric mowers are about 35 to 55 pounds in weight and thus, they’re clearly the lightest of the bunch. This gives them an edge of portability. You can push them anywhere, but you must drag a long cord around everywhere.

As a result, you might feel difficulties whilst manoeuvring around trees and the cord might prove to be an absolute nuisance. A gas mower, on the other hand, weighs over 90 pounds. Unless it is self-propelled, thus it is tough to push or incline. Self-propulsion basically refers to the ability of the front wheels to help pull the mower along. It’s a fantastic feature but sometimes, it gets way too overpowered and creates unwanted situations if handled without maximum care.

Gas Lawn Mowers are the Noisiest

As said before Gas Lawn Mowers make noises a lot. If you have neighbours sleeping on Sunday morning, but you have to make your lawn, good luck in making friends. The noise output from a gas mower is around 95 decibels of racket, which is nearly similar to a motorbike engine that creates disturbing noises.

On the other hand, an electric mower is better at operating on the ears

producing between 65 and 75 decibels. So, when it comes to making sounds electric mowers are a better option.

Gas Mowers are the More High Maintenance

Gas mowers are the more high maintenance in ones of the lot. In general, mowers require their blades to be sharpened once a year, usually during spring. This helps them to deliver clean cuts on glass blades. Whereas, gas engines result in quite a chaos at times as they need frequent maintenance.

Altering air filters, spark plugs every year to keep the engine running, providing enough oil to lubricate the engine parts is substantial for owners. Every time before mowing, the level of oil must be checked and more should be ensured if required.

The gasoline from the tank has to be drained at the end of mowing. Otherwise, during winter, ethanol is separated from all the other components which causes the quality of the fuel to drop manifold.

Gas Mowers are Pricier

If you talk about cost, certainly gas mowers are more expensive. Corded electric mowers don’t require batteries or a gas engine to function, so they’re the cheapest. At a price range of $150 to $250, you can purchase a corded mower. Mowers run on batteries are found within the $275 to $800 mark. The price depends on features such as self-propulsion.

On the other hand, gas mowers are the priciest of them all. While you may find models priced at around $350, the ones in the upper range touch even the $850 mark. For a self-propelled gas mower, the price might go higher.

While corded electric mowers are lighter and more portable, gas mowers ooze a sense of effectivity and class while being a bit on the heavier side. Although gas mowers need to be maintained more than the former, the flexibility in price provided by corded electric mowers is a factor to consider while purchasing one.

Thus, although there is a handful to ponder while choosing a type of mower, both have their advantages and disadvantages. It’s necessary to go for one which matches your requirements and provides the highest convenience for you at all times of need.

Now to find your best match consider your financial situation, lawn size, stability and other factors instead of just making assumptions!

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