7 Reasons to Contact an Electrician for Your Home Now

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Whether you have a newly built home or an old one, it is necessary to ensure your home has a proper electrical connection and wiring in your home. To prevent any electrical issue and potential hazards, you need to conduct regular electrical maintenance and repair. But are you wondering how to do so?

Well, contacting a professional electrician would be the best and most efficient solution to ensure your home’s safety or to improve your living standard. You can contact an electrician in Brisbane’s Southside to get the best electrical repairs and maintenance solutions.

The 7 Beneficial Reasons

  1. Upgrading your main switchboard:

Today, the number of electronic devices used at home often outnumber the homes’ electrical power points. This comes with a greater risk of overloading, which leads to a potential short circuit and a fire risk. So, the best solution is to add newer power points or outlets and upgrade the main switchboard at the same time. This is to ensure your home is up to the electrical standards.

In case your home is old, the electric power line tends to become weary over time. Also, the latest upgraded home appliances will give more stress to the power line and internal wiring. Moreover, with growing days and the advancement of technology, you might feel the need to add more appliances to your home for your comfort and enjoyment.

Thus, installing circuit breakers and safety switches in your main switchboard will ensure a properly balanced distribution of power, prevent electrical fluctuations and overloading issues, and protect you against electrical shocks

2. Providing a routine inspection of your appliances:

You will not want to end up with a deadly short circuit due to problematic conditions in your home appliances. So, it is necessary to hire an experienced electrician to check your home appliances’ health status and wiring to discover the risk early. It is one of the best ways to prevent short circuits and any potential fire outbreak that could be a result.

Also, you can ask the electrician to optimise your wiring to prevent improper use of electricity. In case you see a sudden spike of charges in your electricity bill, it is due to your appliances’ poor conditions or age that makes it consume too much electricity. So, to fix such issues, a qualified electrician is needed.

3. Provide Maintenance or Install a Ceiling Fan:

It is quite risky to inspect your ceiling fan on your own while climbing up the ladder. On the contrary, if you don’t keep checking it regularly, it will likely break down or make weird noises overtime. Sometimes, ceiling fans tend to become slow, which uses more electricity.

Calling an electrician to check your ceiling fan’s proper setting is crucial for your safety. Also, an electrician will clean the fan thoroughly and carry out the required repair to boost your ceiling fan’s performance.

A new fan is a great, low-cost way to keep you/your family cool in summer, which a qualified tradesman can supply and install for a small cost.

4. Adding extra power-points to your home:

As your number of appliances increase in your home, its common to become short of power-points.

In your home, using only one power-point for all devices is not going to be helpful. Heavy appliances like an LED TV, a home theatre, a fridge, an air conditioner, etc. can face massive damage if that single power-point breaks down due to a heavy load.

Also, too many power cords coming off one single power point poses a safety risk. So, It is recommended to contact a qualified electrician to add some extra power-points to your home and accommodate more appliances in your kitchen. Also, it helps in lessening the voltage fluctuations and ensures a more stable power supply.

5. Installation of a modern floor or wall oven:

This age is all about delving into the luxury and comfort of new and smart appliances while fulfilling all your needs. A modern wall oven is one of those home appliances, which make your life easy.

A modern oven lets you cook nutrient-rich, healthy foods for you and your family. Also, it consumes less electricity as compared to older ovens, making it highly-energy-efficient. Contacting an electrician to install a modern wall oven not only gives your home the smartness of technology but also renders you an enjoyable cooking experience and help you enjoy a good saving on your electricity costs.

6. To install new appliances in your home:

Are you thinking of buying new appliances like an air conditioner, a fridge or a room heater to enhance your comfort level? If yes, then installing them on your own can be dangerous and illegal. Call in a qualified electrician for installing any of your electrical appliances, main powerboard upgrades or extra power-points such as Southside Air Conditioning and Electrical.

7. Upgrading your home to a smarter one:

The new age is all about adding high-end technologies to bring the best innovations to your home. Smart home technology connects your home to a network and gives you the ease of controlling your appliances with just one click often from your mobile phone.

To get access to smart home networking, contact a qualified electrician who is experienced in installing these high-tech set-ups.


Whether it is repairing your old home’s electrical connections, or installing high-tech home appliances, an experienced electrician can assist you. They come with their expertise, knowledge, skills, and tools, which allow them to lessen the risk factor while working with electricity.

It’s better to consult an electrician today to check if your home’s electrical system or wiring is healthy and efficient or not and to incorporate the necessary enhancements to improve your home safety and lifestyle.

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