Dababy height

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Jonathan Lyndale Kirk also known as the Dababy and baby Jesus is an American singer, rapper and song writer. He was born in Charlotte, North Carolina.

He has managed to reach quite the heights of fame due to his performances and songs in 2014 to 2018. He sure has fans from all over the world.

Dababy Personal life

Jonathan has two children one was born jn 2017 and the other was born in 2020. His father passed away in 2019 not long after he released his debut studio album.

His relationship status isn’t clear as he hasn’t mentioned who the mother if chis children is but in 2020 he revealed that he’s in a relationship with Dominican American singer and choreographer Danileigh.

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Dababy Height

Dababy is 5 feet and 7 inches tall. Which isn’t considered to be tall but you can’t get everything right? He is taller than many other famous rappers. Dababy is taller than Lil Wayne, Kendrick Lamar, Lil Jon. But Dababy’s height is always the talk of the town.

Well, height doesn’t really matter if you’re filthy rich and Dababy is exactly that!

Dababy and his wife

This topic has always been very controversial for him and there are no exact answers to this, according to sources the most influential person in his life has been Ashley Kirk who happens to be his wife. This is what the Paparazzi thought. After so many confusions and doubts the rapper addressed the audience saying that “shawty was in the yearbook club, she got off.”

It took some while for the audience to realized who he meant by shawty. So his personal life is still a mystery for us because we still don’t know who the mother of his children is. The recent news that the media received was that the rapper is in a relationship.

The celebrities we hear about everyday do not really care about their height or how they dress up. It does matter but for them the only thing matters is fame, that they already have!

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Dababy is least bothered about his height, it’s funny how media and the audience keeps trolling him for something that doesn’t even matter.

Dababy has a net worth of billions and is currently living in a very fine lavish house. The rapper is going to touch the sky if he keeps releasing hit albums one by one! If you want to know about more authentic gossip stay tuned to this website for it has all the entertainment you need in your life!


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