Amal Clooney

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One of the most iconic and sensationalizing personalities that exist in Hollywood is none other than Amal Clooney. Amal Clooney is 42 years old and the wife of George Clooney the ever amazing dashing actor that has ever existed in Hollywood.

Amal is a Lebanese born British barrister at Doughty street chambers specialising in international law and human rights. She is famous not only because she is the wife of George Clooney but she’s considered to be a feminist and social rights activist.

The star has always raised her voice against the evil and the bad and this is what made her rose to fame. And although there is almost a 16 year age gap between the couple, they are currently thriving with their two gorgeous children.

Amal has practiced in a number of international courts as a lawyer, her education is not very common rather very extraordinary. She is a qualified lawyer in the United States and the United Kingdom. She has been a part of the Colombia law school’s teaching facility as well.

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Amal Clooney is known for widespread work as not only a lawyer but a social activists also. She is always seen raising her voice against injustice and evil. She has took part in many campaigns and welfare organizations. The star’s work life and career is very diverse. Over the period of 15 to 16 years she has done a lot for the human community. She is always the first one to be seen supporting those who need help.

She got engaged to George Clooney in 2014. It was not very long after that they tied the knot.

Amal Clooney is considered to be extremely gorgeous and graceful. She has been awarded with several awards and certificates for the amazing work that she does.

Clooney is the president of the Clooney foundation for justice which she co-founded with her husband George Clooney in 2016. She has also partnered with various humanitarian initiative organisations. The couple sponsored a student who was a Yazidi. The student was studying at the University of Chicago. Amal is fluent in English, French and possesses some knowledge about Arabic. She has participated in many social activities which includes interaction with the United nations also. She has written many letters to the UN for communication and social purposes.

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She was chosen as Barbara Walters most fascinating person of 2015. In 2019 prince Charles launched the Amal Clooney award to celebrate ‘incredible young women.’

This has so far been her biggest achievement. She is not only famous among youngsters but people of all ages for the work that she does.

She has organised a number of charity events to help thousands of people and children. She along with her husband have done charity themselves. Their charity has always been very generous and helpful. Anal Clooney is known for her kind heart and utter generosity. She is indeed a role model for all the women out there.

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