Top 4 Android Phone Tracker Apps to Track Anyone’s Phone

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The market is filled with android phone tracker applications to track devices anonymously. As a parent, for example, you are monitoring your children without their knowledge. You can keep yourself up to date on what their children do on their mobile devices. In other words, a monitoring app is a surveillance program.

These apps are as user friendly as any other app on your phone you may have. You don’t have to learn how to use it first.

Let’s check the top and best choice 4 apps you can use to track the phone anonymously:

1.    TheOneSpy

TheOneSpy for many people worldwide is becoming an online smartphone tracker. This app provides a smooth way to Spy on android devices anonymously.

The app lets you spy on a computer, track android phone and monitor mobile browsing, especially social platforms.

Furthermore, you can record live calls, track the device’s GPS location, monitor notifications, record your live screen, and remotely control your target device.

TheOneSpy is one of the most powerful smartphone trackers for tracking a missing device. You don’t have to think about where your child stands or even what he is doing with this app at any moment.

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By tracking and controlling your computer, you will know everything about him.

2.    MSpy

Another fantastic smartphone phone, spying is MSpy. It’s Blackberry, iPhone, Windows, and Android compatible. You can also use this app to review every personal and technical message on your destination phone with the we-chat, Skype, or Yahoo messenger.

The best thing is that you can read your cell phone’s Snapchat, Tinder, and KIK messages and know their love life. Besides, you can manage their phone apps and control them fully remotely.

This app’s limitations are that the GPS tracking functionality does not work, so you cannot know exactly where your target app is. Besides, with this application, you cannot record calls to your target computer.

It also means you’re not going to hear about incoming or outgoing calls. You can nevertheless read the entire text message on your target computer and view all messages from WhatsApp, Blackberry, and Facebook.

3.    OgyMogy Spy app

It’s also a useful application to keep anonymous monitoring of devices. The program is one of the cheapest for android spy software.

The 3-month charge is really easy to use since the app can support you. You can track other devices you like anonymously with this application.

That means that you don’t have to worry if you can figure out the person you stalk!

The software is suited for Symbian, Windows, computer , mac and Android devices. You can find a step-by-step guide on using this software when you don’t understand how to use it.

The customer service is also always able to answer your request 24 hours a day. This is typically a decent smartphone monitoring tool that you can check out.

4.    FamiSafe

Finally, the handheld FamiSafe tracker has some excellent features to differentiate it from the rest. Second, you can keep track of your children with this application. Thanks to the real-time location background, you will know where they are at a certain moment.

The geo-installations warn you if your children are lost, go to school, or go straight to dangerous areas. The Smart Schedule choice also controls the location screen time.

This means that you are still able to see exactly what happens to your children.

If you are an instructor, you can use this application to control your family or even the whole class. Besides, the application provides parents with helpful interactive routines.

It can be useful in instantaneous identification of cyberbullying, suicide and pornography, or sexual predators. You can get a comprehensive report on the system, block, or filter preferences you are targeting.


These are the 4 best hidden spy apps for android to track smartphones anonymously. If you’re a mother and want to know where and how your child works, one of these apps would be useful. You can also download, install, and track one as a teacher what the pupils do in your absence. You can track your partner, learn where it is, intercept your calls, call in and out, and you will want to know every detail.

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